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Get your toes green in the Zak

A children’s walking route with Q&A and fun assignments. The walk begins at Hoedekenskerke steam train station.

All your senses get accosted on this walk. Look! Listen! Touch! Smell! If you follow the signposts, you might stumble on the ducks, tucked away in their hiding spots.
This route and its activity-based assignments are playful ways to learn all about the countryside.
Hoedekenskerke is the terminus of the Goes-Borsele steam train, where the walk starts on the platform. Just step off the train and carry on walking, really. The ‘Pluimweide’ meadow beside the station provides hours of natural fun at the end of your walk.
The footpath-hub system is the foundation for the walk – it couldn’t be easier, you just walk from hub to hub. The signposts have pictures of a shelduck. When you find a shelduck, you should get right on with the matching assignment...!

This route is included in the 'Pocket Booklet' of Zuid-Beveland, available at all VVV Inspiration Points and through www.vvvzeeland.nl/shop


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