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De Zeepeduinen have always belonged to the country estate Slot Haamstede. When Natuur-monumenten bought it in 1981, the lady of the estate claimed the use of the residence and the huge garden (planted from the 18th century onwards). There for these can only be seen from a distance or whilst joining in an excursion. The fine wall around the estate, with its special plant growth is open to public. The dune area is also open to public and worth while to discover. De Zeepeduinen are a few kilometers from the sea. It is one of the few inland dune areas which not have been damaged by intensive agriculture, building of forestry planting. You will find a variety of forest, bare sand, grass land, scrubland which grows into forest over time and mossy plains. To keep the open structure of the area, Natuur Monumenten let 90 Shetland ponies roam free to graze. The name Zeepeduinen is a basterd name for Zeeuwse seepelen (trickle): the groundwater trickled from the dunes to the lower surrounding areas.

This walk through forestry and dunes are marked with white signs. The white walk starts at the parking area on the A. van der Weijdeweg.

The dune route is marked red-green: this route has two paths; from Slot Haamstede with red arrows; from Burgh(Zandstraat) with green arrows. The red-green route starts at the entrance gate of Slot Haamstede; there is a car parking area here. Cyclists can start their walk closer to the dunes, on de Moolweg. There is no car parking there.

More information on this route can be found on www.natuurmonumenten.nl.


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