Life in Zeeland

Happy in Zeeland

Zeeland. The most south-wester province of the Netherlands. Across the border from Belgium. A land of water, dikes and bridges. A landscape found nowhere else in the Netherlands. Everywhere you can find a connection with the sea. It is the province where you live by the sea. work out in the sea, eat from the sea. Here you live a healthy life. Space, fresh air, and no polutions. Above all, lots of sunshine. People living in Zeeland are the happiest of all the Netherlands. The environment is ideal for a happy, healthy, and valueable life. 

Connected to the sea

Zeeland is land in the sea. Connected by bridges, dams, tunnels and dikes. In Zeeland, we live with the sea. No matter where you are in Zeeland, within 15 minutes you will be by the water. This also creates opportunities. For work, but also for relaxation. Water sports are part of us. Whether you like to sail, surf, or kayaking. The water is there for you. We run on the beach, just like relaxing. Get a breath of fresh aire and gain new energy. Get a drink with your friends. Celebrate your birthday by throwing a barbeque on the beach. Chat and party until the early hours, while the sun sets in the sea. The ultimate feeling of vacation can be found in Zeeland. Even when you live here. Every day

Your own way of living

In Zeeland you have a choice. There is enough affordable housing. Whether you want to live in a farm with animals all around you. In a little house on the dike. In an appartment in the middle of a city, near all facilities. Or in an architectural home by the water designed by yourself. Everything is possible. The cities are not big, but provide you everything you need. Cities like Middelburg and Zierikzee have a lot of monumental buildings to offer, with shutters leading to hidden cellars. Houses with a rich past. You can also choose one of the new construction projects surrounded by water in Goes or at the Veerse Meer. An appartment in Vlissingen or Terneuzen gives you an ocean view with lots of activity and the daily passage of cargo ships. Wherever you live, the view is never boring.

Room for a family

A spacious home, with space to play. Walk to school on your own. Playbuddies in the neighborhood. Quality education. An international university, and one of the highest rated universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Neighbors that know and help each other. These are just a few of the reasons why it is a bliss to grow up in Zeeland, and live here with your family. You are not confronted with endless traffic jams when the weather is nice. You can hop on your bicycle to get icecream at the beach with your family after work. If you don't have to spend time in traffic jams, you have enough time on your hands to spend on your family and yourself. to work out or catch up with friends. Even if, by exception, the weather is bad, there are enough covered facilities in Zeeland. Life here is friendly. Life here is good

Quality of life

Space to live. Wind to enjoy the fresh air. Waters where you can practice sports. Bike to work. Zeelanders know a healthy style of life. The sea has a beneficial effect. It appears to be full of elements that are favorable to your health. Wounds heal faster, because of the antiseptic properties. In Zeeland you will find the least light pollution, on top of the most sunshine and smallest population density. This means space all around you. Space to feel good and develop yourself. You do not have to leave the province to get a quality education. Some of the best schools are situated here. Together with affordable housing, no traffic jams, and plenty of options to relax, living here is wonderful


With the Flemisch as our Southern neighbors, it cannot be different. In addition to the sea as a rich food source. Zeelanders love food. Pure food, straight from the sea onto your plate. More fresh is not possible. Our mussels are known far beyond our borders. The mussel farm in Yerseke is unique in the world. A family business, where the third generation is still working. You can taste their passion for the old craft. Fish, shells, and algae are produced in the Oosterschelde. The salty soil is excellent for growing sea vegetables uch as sea kale and sea lavender. These are the products Michelin star chefs love to cook with. In Zeeland we have 8 Michelin restaurants. And that is for a reason! Especially in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen you experience the burgundic character of Zeeland. So close to Belgium, that is to be expected. In Zeeland, you live the good life.

Both the Zeelandbrug and the Fietsbrug in Antwerp are fun to bike, and are not even that far apart

Fietsbrug Antwerp

Rich in facilities

In Zeeland, you can find a few lively cities. Time and time again, those cities end up high in the top 10 ranking of best shopping cities of the Netherlands. You can find big chain stores, but also boutiques and specialty stores. These make shopping more special. The students living here make sure that the cities stay young and attractive, and new concepts arive because of them. You can always find an event or festival, even in winter. Examples are Concert at Sea, Film by the Sea, City of Dance, and Zeeland Nazomerfestival. But you can also find smaller events with a cosy atmosphere. These events, started by locals, are all highly ranked by visitors. Quality education can be found within the province. Students from all over the world travel to Zeeland to get their education at University College Roosevelt, and the HZ Univerisity of Applied Sciences. Even if you want to visit a bigger city, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Gent, Brussels or Lille are close to drive to.