Michelin-starred restaurants

Chef at De Krommewatergang
Lobster on a plate
Dish De Krommewatergang

Excellent restaurants

Compared to anywhere else in The Netherlands, Zeeland counts more excellent restaurants per head of the population. Seven locations, eleven Michelin stars. Four of those restaurants are located in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Belgians love to come and dine here.

The success recipe of Zeeland

It is a subtle balance between correctness and hospitality. A no-nonsense mentality. But also dare to bring so called food theatre. The pillars of successful haute cuisine in Zeeland are talented chefs, and a driven service. But also the proximity to Belgium weighs in. They love eating out, preferably at a beautiful location. Having a lunch or dinner combined with some good wine. Belgians have set a good example, for the Dutch to start eating differently.

Bib Gourmand

Gourmet dining does not have to be expensive

Stars of heaven

Salty flavours, cool products, and endless creativity

Plating a dish

Sillicon Valley for aqua culture


Bib, short for Bibendum, the well known tire man, is the sister of the wll known Michelin star. Restaurants with a well made 3-course menu for less than 37 euros can earn this.


11 Michelin stars, 7 Michelin-starred restaurants. It is not surprising that Zeeland, surrounded by fertile farmland and sea, is known for the culinary highlights it has to offer.


In 2022 Aqua Valley opens! It houses 8 aqua culture firms with their own specialisms, including algae, fish, and shrimps
Zeeland, especially Zeeuws-Vlaanderen profits from the burgundic influences of Belgium. The South starts in Zeeland!
Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL)
Vlaanderen (BE)