Municipality of Sluis

The Municipality of Sluis

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The mill in the Municipality of Sluis

The Municipality of Sluis

The Municipality of Sluis is positioned by the coast in West Zeeuws-Vlaaderen. On the boarder with Belgium. For centuries this is a place of meaning. The Romans have build a Castellum, the Spanish fought there in the 16th century for decades against the State. In the Municipality of Sluis, Queen Wilhelmina set foot for the first time after the Second World War. Because of the many Michelin Star Restaurants, the official status as beneficial seaside resort, and surrounding nature, Sluis still has a lot of allure.

Living in the Municipality of Sluis

The municipality of Sluis consists of 17 cores, some smaller or bigger than others. Eahc have their own unique history and identity. These cores are: Aardenburg, Breskens, Cadzand-Bad, Cadzand-Dorp, Eede, Groede, Hoofdplaat, Nieuwvliet-Bad, Nieuwvliet-Dorp, Oostburg, Retranchement, Schoondijke, Sint Kruis, Sluis, Waterlandkerkje, IJzendijke, and Zuidzande. Because of all these different histories and identities, there is something for everyone!

Sluis is a municipality where relaxation is impoartant. This is obvious in the burgundic character and coastal living

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