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Bizarium is a surprising cabinet of bizarre inventions. A 'wonder room' of brilliant inventors and their boundless imagination, technical ingenuity and above all immeasurable passion.

Bizarium museum inspires and amazes with ingenious, scientific and crazy inventions. Just think of a flying bicycle, a walking submarine, a hair growth helmet, a swimming umbrella, as well as designs by geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, Athanasius Kircher and Nikola Tesla. This exceptional, private collection conveys the message that failure and experimentation are at the heart of innovation and progress.

Bizarium is located in picturesque Sluis in Zeeland (NL), a stone's throw from Cadzand, Knokke and the Belgian border.

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Opening hours

THE BIZARIUM IS OPEN ON THURSDAY | SATURDAY | SUNDAY FROM 13.00 TO 18.00 HRS. CLOSED ON MONDAY | TUESDAY | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY We use time slots to avoid crowding. A limited number of tickets are available per 15-minute time slot. So you can enjoy your visit to the museum in peace and comfort. Book your ticket online in advance to avoid disappointment at the desk, as there is only a limited number of tickets available per timeslot.

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Hoogstraat 35
4524 AA

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