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Walking in Zeeland

Many people say they see Zeeland best at walking pace (bikers have a similar opinion!). Feel free, just head on out on a walk on the beach, or in a nature reserve. The Zeeland walks network joins up all the dots. A short walk, or a complete multi-day walking holiday, are all laid out literally before you.

Zeeland – made for walking

Our deep-rooted respect for our landscape, culture and identity means you can enjoy them to the full, out walking. There are dozens of walks to undiscovered places, quiet country paths and unique nature reserves. Or maybe you’re more into towns? A city walk will do. Whatever you choose, discoveries are just a walk away.  

Seven networks away

We’ve grouped all our Zeeland walks into seven networks, linking them up as much as possible. Here’s the method: the intersections, we call ‘hubs’ and each hub has a unique number. At each crossing, junction and exit, there are signs pointing to the next hub(s). You work out your own route (from the map) – oh, which ever way you walk, no worries, the numbers are shown in each direction.

The most beautiful walks

in the summer

Islands at your feet


The northernmost island of Zeeland, Schouwen-Duiveland, has just loads of walking options. In the rich landscape, along the water, on the beach.


Strictly speaking, not an island (just the northern coast of Flanders), this area has endless beaches, massive old polders and even transborder walks to our Southern neighbours. Tip: put on some extra sturdy shoes when you visit the gloriously wild nature reserve of ‘t Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe in East-Zeeland-Flanders. And when you’re wanting to clamber over the ancient defence lines set up by the Dutch States against Spanish invaders in the Eighty Years War.


A walk on Noord-Beveland is principally out in nature. The walks network of 150 km brings you to mudflats and marshes, colourful field verges and some rather authentic villages.


Walks on the Walcheren peninsula are part of the daily fun of your visit. Sure, enjoy the dikes, dunes, waterways and nature reserves, but also when you walk to the farm shop, or you’re hopping on and off that trip on the old steam train.


The quaint Zak van Zuid-Beveland has an extensive network of walks, offering you a raft of prisms to examine its charms. The walk from Goes to Kapelle shows you the interplay of land and sea. Views over the Ooster- and Westerschelde estuaries, mesh with old and new polders and some splendid town walks. This is the heart of Zeeland and the beat goes on.


The silence is superb, the nature splendid and the island’s name pronounced ‘tow-len’. Best seen by foot, using the Eiland Tholen walks network to the many villages and nature areas. 

Anchors away!

One cool way to enhance your knowledge of a place is to hook your smartphone up to a video or audio explanation of where you are, what you see, who lived there. Along many walks, you’ll see signs on walls and posts of a QR code with the logo of the Anchors of Zeeland (‘Zeeuwse Ankers’) project. Keep it signed nicely We all know how annoying it is to come across defect signposting along a walk. We do our utmost to keep all our signs up-to-date, but accidents do happen. We apologise. Please tell us of any faults and errors, by reporting them on meldpunt.nl.