Plan your trip

Plan your trip

To everything there is a Zeeland, and a time to every purpose in your visit. A time to spend a day, to wrap inside your weekend, even time for a stay-yay-vacation! A time to pick some fine dining, or to find a good place to stay. A time to find the special care and accessibility which we’ve lined up for you. Think ahead (well begun is half done), plan your visit to Zeeland.

Complete your visit

In Zeeland there is a lot to do, there is delicious food and there are special overnight stays. Fancy a night away in a castle? Or out on the water. Or the life of the party in a Zeeuws village or town, or the airs of a rural walk through Zeeland's nature? Or a meal on the beach, or at the quayside? There's something for everyone. 

Your perfect overnight stay, nice activities and enjoy eating and dining

Some extra special touches

Transport and rental

What’s it to be? Very scooter, ferry crossing or just get on yer bike? With choices like that, the trip becomes the destination! Move around the place while you’re moved by Zeeuws nature. You’ll have more than enough rental options so just look around until one takes your fancy and your visit will soon be complete.

From A to B in style or let the trip be the destination

Transport and rental

Shaping your visit to your needs

If you need special care, you’ll find ample facilities, matching your home care patterns, or your chronic illness or ‘handicap’. People of reduced mobility (PRM) or wheelchair users can have a fine holiday in Zeeland. Use these practical tips to make yours as happy and as smooth as can be.

Come with your four-footed friend if you want. Find out about the rules of bringing your dog on holiday.

A great holiday

for everyone

Safety messaging


With safety everyone’s top priority, it’s good to check if you can indeed receive safety messages in the form of ‘NL-Alerts’. The NL-Alert system is the official channel for warning you of any emergency situation near you. Here's how it works.

Safety on and in the water

Zeeland is the Land-on-Sea. Water surrounds our islands, offering you some 600 kilometers of coastal delight. But water can be unpredictable too and it is best to be prepared for this. Read tips about swimming and sailing safely in Zeeland.

To bear in mind