Camper places in Zeeland

It might be a plain ‘camper’ in Dutch, but a camper van is also a ‘motor home’. As in motor, travelling around. Zeeland is made for that. Vroom-vroom. Steer around the islands, take in those views, breathe in the briny. There are stop-off spots aplenty. It’s the freedom of the road, dude.

Beyond the dike

Nice drive, this one. Heading from Nieuwvliet to Breskens, go along the Panoramaweg, on the sea side of the dike. Next to the black-and-white lighthouse near Bresje, park up and admire the view, across the North Sea and over to Vlissingen. If it’s a very windy day, the shore will show you storm.

The Zeedijk special

Not just your everyday dike, the Westkappelse Zeedijk at Westkapelle. It serves as the advance guard to protect the Western Cape of Walcheren against the sea. The dike also draws visitors from far and away, and just around the corner – locals stop by a lot. Especially for fishing. Do a 180: turn around, and before you, beneath a whiteish sky, lies a becalmed sea of little red roofing tiles, setting off the wide blue sea a’yonder. Red, white and blue.

Both sides now

Drive on north and stop at the Brouwersdam. It’s the buzziest beach in the entire nation. Just take a look at all of that. Water sport worship on the North Sea side and on the Grevelingen. Make a day of it, people-watching, sand-watching, water-watching. Want a bite, fancy a drink? Here the beach pavilions are hip, the wine hints of fruit and the food heavenly. Hup!

Mean amenities

Zeeland really look after its guests with camper vans. Many campsites have special amenities for camper vans including. There are of course, discharge points for waste and water. There’s a small fee for that and for filling up with water. A great service that keeps you on the move, staying where you want. The province has 14 free sites for camper vans. Spoilt you are.

Just for vans

The Camperpark Zeeland on the Veerse Meer lake takes some 100 camper vans. It’s the largest such park in the Netherlands. Over in Kruiningen, the Camperplaats de Plantage has 15 spaces, and some more grassed ones in the orchard, all with electricity and water. Their country shop is a must, with fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products like farm cheese and produce of Zeeland.

Rent and repair

You can rent camper vans at various locations in Zeeland, either for Plan A (booking ahead) or for Plan B (if your own van is broken). Need a repair? In Dirksland, for example, Cor Melissant has a special workshop for camper van maintenance – and they’ll come out to help you on location.


Get ideas for camper van touring in the collection of nine routes from ANWB, the Dutch touring club. The Midden-Zeeland route reveals a diversity of the sights and landscapes of Zeeland: long beaches, lofty dunes and broad seascapes. Another, the Dammen- en Sluizenroute, takes you over seemingly endless dams and modern sluice complexes. Once off those structures, you’ll be ushered into 17th century towns such as Hellevoetsluis and Willemstad, as well as medieval trading hubs such as Zierikzee and Goedereede.


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