Biking in Zeeland

You have rather special company on many bike trips in Zeeland: the fresh sea wind, the view over the water and, near the dike, the ships sailing past. That’s when you’re on the outer dike, as you can be in so many places. On the lee side behind the dike, the landscape varies, its beauty flowing with the tides of the seasons. Take springtime, when the flower-covered dikes of the Zak van Zuid-Beveland are at their prettiest. Or – any time of year – explore the landscape of West-Zeeland-Flanders and the Zwin nature reserve with its marshes and mudflats: it’s as if you can tell the season by the type of bird and their seasonal practices and comings and goings.

5-star bike province

The national bike platform has appointed us in July 2017 as 5-star bike province. There’s no higher award. The Zeeland Routebureau is always enhancing the system. Just so you can get the best cycling in the Land-On-Sea.

Outer dike paths

The people of Zeeland live behind the protective dikes, safe from the water. Our bike network takes you there, in the lee. But you can also cycle on the outer side, on the sea side. A weathervane symbol on our signs points you the windy way. How many paths can a biker go down? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  

Bike hub network

Defence is just one of the many aspects of Zeeland’s history which are viewed most impressively from a bike. The route of bunkers on Walcheren is one, that of the Delta Works evokes memories of tragedy and is a convincing statement of hope. The extensive network of bike route hubs – you use it to decide your route, hub to hub – is designed with safety in mind, as well as the land and sea you will pass.


Recharge your various batteries, perhaps with a coffee and a slice of cake – though your e-bike, mobile and tablet have other needs. Pure juice. Bike cafés were created with the Zeeland cyclist in mind. You can fill your bidon, use the toilets, and – in case of a mishap – use a repair kit or a plaster. No purchase required.