Discovering Zeeland

Zeeland is an archipelago whose islands and peninsulas are joined to the mainland by bridges and tunnels. Each island has its own distinctive flavour. From the peace and tranquillity on Tholen and Sint Philipsland, to the exhilaration of the Walcheren coast. And every town and village retains its own individual charm. Come and discover Zeeland’s natural beauty and its special sights and attractions. Discover Zeeland.

Get to know Zeeland

Zeeland consists of six islands. The Oosterschelde flood barrage and the Zeeland Bridge form a link between the islands and are attractions in themselves. From peace and tranquillity to vibrant towns: each of these Zeeland islands has its own distinctive charm. How cool would it be if you could view and discover Zeeland from the air, from the comfort of your own home? Check out the eight fantastic drone clips!

The most beautiful spots

From salt marshes and mudflats to forests and beaches: Zeeland’s landscape is highly diverse. Pull on your hiking boots or jump on the bike and come and uncover some of nature’s gems. Or experience the cosy feel of Zeeland’s towns and villages. Do you prefer the peace and quiet? If so, one of our undiscovered places is definitely worth a visit! Surprise yourself at what Zeeland has to offer.

Enough to see in Zeeland

With a coastline of 650 kilometres, a beautiful beach is never far away. Check out the beaches you really shouldn’t miss during your stay in Zeeland. Alongside fantastic beaches, there’s plenty more worth seeing in Zeeland. For that reason, we’ve put together a selection of various sights and attractions to visit. Are you still unsure about a trip to Zeeland? We’re sure we’ve got at least 10 good reasons for you to change your mind!

Make your stay in Zeeland complete

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