Nature in Zeeland

Nature is brimming everywhere in Zeeland, reflecting how our own largest areas of natural beauty have grown from overflowing waters. It’s what we deltas do. The sunken (Verdronken) Land van Saeftinghe is one, alongside Reimerswaal or the (drowned) Verdronken Zwarte polder at Nieuwvliet. And far beyond their lips lie vast forests, protected polders and the nation’s most towering dunes. Nature’s rich diversity here is bound together by a goal of optimal access all around. 


With her diversity edged by contrasts, nature has a basket of abundance: saltmarshes and mudflats, polders and dikes, woods and dunes. The opposites of sweet and briny, of wet and dry. Something for everyone, special to every season. Fresh air sans frontières. Load up on it all in the nature of Zeeland, on your lonesome or with a guide.

Abide by your guide

It all looks different with a guide, you know that. So, yank up those wellies, pull on those walking shoes and get set for your adventure in nature. Spot the flora, glimpse the fauna, watch those birds, follow those fallow deer, all while the guide unfurls tips for the botanist in you.

Water and land

If nature in Zeeland is a painting, the palette is the sea. It is at the cusp of land and water that you’ll find the best to behold. With the land shaped by water, and the water by the land, the dynamics of our areas of natural beauty unfold endlessly in their splendour. Because the next flood will snatch away a strip of land, because the next gust of drift sand will blow in the new.

And because the omni-present scars of our centuries-old struggle with water will have morphed into creeks and lively pools, while inland in up-country Zeeland more natural wonders lie in store.

Nature groups

Nature is, by and large, her own best carer and minder. At other times, the tasks of nature conservation belong to a raft of Zeeuwse nature bodies. The Oosterschelde National Park, the IVN nature group, the Terra Maris natural museum, the Zeeuwse Landschap agency, the Natuurmonumenten conservationist movement, the Staatsbosbeheer forestry commission and the Landschapsbeheer Zeeland agency for local landscape management cooperate on public education, conservation activities and promoting the nature of Zeeland.

The Geopark Schelde Delta, we shall be

The Flemish-Dutch Schelde Delta is a unique fusion of natural processes and diverse cultural flows. Virtually an eponym in the world community of deltas and, we believe, worthy of becoming a UNESCO Global Geopark. An amalgam of the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant, Oost-Vlaanderen and Antwerp has joined partners in a bid to be awarded this Unesco label, the equivalent to human ecotypes that Michelin stars are to gastronomy. Fingers crossed!