Water sports in Zeeland

To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English.

Hey, in Zeeland, you’re always going to find a beach where the wind is just right for you. The wind has got 360°, but we got 660 km of coast. Bring in on, Zephyrus!We have sand yachting, surfing, skim boarding, waterskiing and supping (stand-up paddlin’). Kite surfing too, but a tip: when Dutch speakers say ‘kiting’ they tend to mean kite surfing .Sailing and motor boats too, out on the open sea or on a lake, while divers can enjoy their underworld, as glorious as on the surface.


When you’re out on a boat in Zeeland, you see both sides, now. There are calm protected areas for beginners, and challenging stretches for old sea dogs. Novices, to the Veerse Meer and Grevelingen lakes, please. Ancient mariners, the North Sea awaits you. The marinas have great facilities for all.

Kite surfing

When you’ve picked the best spot, off you go! What’s your loop today? The Inverted Grabbed Front Loop? Insane. Kite surfing is allowed on the Brouwersdam, Neeltje Jans, Kamperland, Vrouwenpolder and Domburg. All kite surfing beaches have facilities, to buy or rent gear, and hands-on training for beginners.

Surfing and wave surfing

The lakes of Veerse Meer and the Grevelingen are popular for ‘surfing’ – the Dutch term for wind surfing. And wind surfers also enjoy the designated areas for kite surfers because of the wind conditions, and their cool shops. Wind surfing, being less in your face, is allowed at more places than kite surfing. As for wave surfing – where it all began, remember? – the only waves worth grabbing are at Domburg and on the Brouwersdam. Starter kooks can learn, and everyone hire gear, at the Golfsurfschool Surfkaravaan or Surfschool Domburg.


Waterskiing / wakeboarding

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are location specific in Zeeland. On the Veerse Meer and the Grevelingenmeer two fast-track courses have been marked out. Similar facilities are in the Noord-Volkerak and the Zoommeer. Outside the shipping channels and nature reserves on the Westerschelde, you’re free to ski. Got no speedboat? The cable ski courses on the inland waters will be happy to pull you along.

Blokarts and kite buggies

These two forms of power kites could have been invented in Zeeland, given they work on the cusp of land and sea. A blokart has a sail fixed to the buggy (typically a three-wheeler) – hence its alias ‘sand sailing’. The kite buggy is pulled by a kite. Both race at high-speed over the sand, the kite buggy perhaps a bit faster (to-be-discussed). Watch out for others! Wanna buggy? Go to Brouwersdam. Several cool outlets, like Natural High.

Kayaks and canoes

Slightly calmer than power kites, perhaps more fulfilling, is a canoe or kayak outing. Like on the Grevelingen lake or the Veerse Meer – the latter has some islands just waiting for you to moor up and treasure the quiet. A sturdier, seaworthy, canoe, and some wise precautions, is the way to paddle up the North Sea coast. Rentals are widely available.


This world mecca of the higher-end of water sport fanatics, Brouwersdam, is, like, energised. Wind surfing, kite surfing and thundercat and RIB boats. Also home to the eight-metre high Waterjump with its hard landing options.


Life is less restless under water. Dive down. Lobsters, starfish and even seahorses will welcome you in the waters of the Delta. What’s down here is very different, at least as beautiful as what’s up there. Beginners can train here, the more experienced upgrade their vision, and the experts, hey, head out to deeper waters. A marvel. Marvels.