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Kite surfing in Zeeland

A word of warning: during your stay in Zeeland, you’ll see the Dutch words ‘kiten’ and ‘kiting’. It’s confusing, but what is meant here is kite surfing. Where you stand on a surf board, and are pulled along by a kite. That special kick.

The beaches of Zeeland are ideal for ambitious water sport fanatics like kite surfers. The wind yanks you, the board tanks you, the world ranks you by the excellence of your deed. You’ll always find the right spot, enough space and plenty of adrenaline. Risky, yes, a bit, but the biggest danger is that you’ll become addicted.

Kite surfers are welcome on Brouwersdam, Neeltje Jans, Kamperland, Vrouwenpolder, Domburg and Cadzand. All these places have everything you’ll need: shops to buy, or rent, your equipment: bar, board and kite. And, we all started somewhere, so they offer lessons too.

Keep yer eyes open if you want to go out kite surfing in Zeeland. Be fully aware of your surroundings: enough waves, enough wind, or maybe too much. Other kite surfers? Obstacles in the way? No accidents, please. Common sense is your friend. And if you’re a newbie, new kid on the board, get the opinion of a veteran. They’ll be there.

Kite surfing Vrouwenpolder

Kite surfers need four things: water (lots), wind (lots), waves (lots) and savvy (lots). Vertigo Sports works on the extensive sports beach of Vrouwenpolder, on the Veerse Dam. This place is widely seen as the place to learn the trade. At high tide, an inland lake comes alive. Just the job for the future kite surfer.

Kite surfing Brouwersdam

Up on the Brouwersdam, companies like Beware Beach, Kitesurfschool Natural High and Kitesurfcentrum Brouwersdam will happily help you get all set. The Brouwersdam is widely known as one of the coolest kite surfing spots in Europe, and as an ideal hands-on learning spot. Sure, the learning will come with some churning, and more dips than your ego would like. But, hey, it’s character building.

Kite surfing Noord-Beveland

One excellent site for some serious training is Movement Sports, on the Sophiastrand beach, on Oosterschelde. Great for the technique, soft on the surface, and shallow. Learning curve.
You know what? Even if kite surfing is not your thing, not for you, it’s a great spectator sport. Good for your superlatives too. Those jumps. Speeds, stunning. Breath-taking? Well yes, rather. In some ways, even more fun to watch it all from the beach, or the beach pavilion. All sides, Zeeland.