Beach pavilions in Zeeland

With the salt baked in your hair and your feet caked in sand, it’s time to take a break in the beach pavilion. This is the ultimate in doing the beach. A cool glass of beer, a glass of summer rosé, or our home-pressed best, Zeeuwse apple juice. Bring it on, sun. Shine on me. I’m chillin’. This is the life.


The to-do list. Sweep the sand from the table, order the drinks and glance at the menu. These beach pavilions are laid back 365/365. It could even have sun-loungers, sit sacks and long tables. Relaxed XL. No strutting dudes (m/f) here. No rush, no rush. Oh, oops, sorry waiter, I didn’t see you hurrying with those drinks. Moving too fast!

Beach pavilions

Beach pavilions grow like bedding plants, in a tidy row at the foot of the dunes. They mostly appear in April, and are gone in October. They have great terraces, and the greatest restaurants. The interior design is often inspired by the dunes. A new feature often is sand terraces. Softer for your feet, while you have a drink with bar snacks. Some beach pavilions stay there all year, opening for winter weekends.

Beach access, pavilion access

Most beach pavilions are next to the beach access point. Take a seat, a drink, some food. Or pop in while you’re sunbathing for an ice-cream or snack. Hire a sun-lounger and a parasol.

Come dining

You can end your long day on the beach in style with a delicious meal out on the terrace. A cocktail in your hand, watching the beach slowly empty, that could well be the best spot of the day. It’s cooling down, the sun is turning orange, the sounds of the surf and the gulls are softer now as they too settle down for the night. The children seem to carry on busily, on the beach, in the dunes, but they too shall rest soon.

Grab some fresh air

A wintry day on the beach, when the air is crisp, is just as fulfilling as a warmer summer’s day. Taking a stroll, kiting, playing football, clambering over the groynes. Start that day, or close it, in a laid-back beach pavilion – what a way to go! Especially when the sun is shining and the wind is low, it’ll do you as good as a summer visit. Forget the cold, getting some fresh air is always good.


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