Beach pavilions in Zeeland

Zeeland has countless beach pavilions with great outdoor areas and serving up delicious food. A beach pavilion in Zeeland provides you with the ultimate seaside experience. Whilst discovering the local delicacies, you can also enjoy the fantastic views out to sea. A visit to a beach pavilion is great at any time of year.

Get into the holiday mood

In search of the ultimate seaside experience? Then look no further than a beach pavilion in Zeeland. The mood is relaxed: here you can enjoy a tasty snack and a refreshing drink against the backdrop of the sea! What more could you want? Increasingly, many include an outdoor area on the beach itself, such as at Zandpaviljoen Pier 7 in Vlissingen or Paviljoen Zeecafé in Oostkapelle, where you can savour a drink with appetisers with your feet in the sand! Many beach pavilions rent out loungers and parasols. Why make life difficult?

Savouring Zeeland delicacies

After a long day on the beach, what better way is there to end the day than with some al fresco dining? More often than not the menu will include some great culinary surprises from Zeeland. Every beach pavilion has its own speciality. Watch the beach slowly empty while you sip on a refreshing cocktail. Perhaps the best moment of the day is when the temperature subsides and the sun becomes an orange glow on the horizon.

Great at any time of year

Blowing those cobwebs away on the beach is great at any time of year. When the sun is shining and the wind has dropped, a day on the beach in wintertime can brighten the mood as much as in the summer. It hardly matters how cold it gets. Why not start or finish an invigorating walk along the beach at a relaxing beach pavilion? Many beach pavilions remain in place throughout the year and are open at weekends in the winter. Some are even open all year round.

Where can I find beach pavilions in Zeeland?

Below you can find a list of beach pavilions in Zeeland. Which one are you planning to visit first?


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