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The local tourist information points in Zeeland

The local tourist information points in Zeeland are the place to go for ideas about your day out! You’ll find route maps for nice walking and cycling excursions, information about the local area and its villages and towns and special sights around. You’ll also find brochures, guides and folders about Zeeland. You will find an overview of all tourist information points here.

Why local tourist information points?

Previously you could go to the Zeeland network of regional tourist offices (known in Dutch as VVV-Zeeland) with all your questions and needs and for inspiration for your stay in Zeeland. The former ‘VVV inspiration points’ were closed upon the dissolution of VVV-Zeeland as of 1 January 2021. Which is why physical tourist information points have been established, in a variety of forms, in several Zeeuwse communities.

In the bike friendly cafés you can buy route maps and get information about the area. You can also enjoy a nice snack, lunch or just a break during your bike ride. Interested in our routes? See them here: walking routes, and cycling routes.

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