All cycling routes in Zeeland

All cycling routes in Zeeland

We’re delighted with the fact that Zeeland has been rated one of the best cycling provinces in the Netherlands! Zeeland offers hundreds of kilometres of cycling routes. There is a lot to choose from, with routes for recreational cycling, mountain biking or road cycling—through the dunes, the forest, the countryside, along the water or over the water. See all our cycling routes below.

How do our cycling routes work?

There are four categories to choose from:

  • cycling (all routes);  
  • recreational cycling;
  • off-road/mountain biking;
  • road cycling

You can also filter by the start location of the route.

Display options

There are two ways to view the routes.

  • A list (book icon)
  • A map (arrow icon)

In the map view, you will see numbers showing in certain areas. The number indicates the number of cycle routes in that area. To find out more about the starting points, you can click on the desired cycle route and select your favourite route.

On the route page, you can find a detailed description of the cycle route. You can see how the route is travelled geographically and how long it is. You can also read which places of interest and cycle cafés you will encounter along the way.

You can, of course, print the cycle route, and if you want to, you can even share it via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Handy for your fellow travellers, for example! You can also download the .gpx file of the selected route and use it on your smartphone with a GPS app or a bicycle navigation system.

TIP: By clicking on “Where am I” button, your current location will be shown on the map, helping you on your way ;-). Have fun cycling!




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