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Zeeland’s riches

Zeeland: unrelentingly beautiful. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and lovers of nature. But for sun worshippers too. Or gourmands. Here you can find everything. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the historical splendours of Zeeland’s towns and cities. And be amazed by its unique shops. Savour the salt-flavoured sumptuosities on your plate. Imbibe the local beverages. Inhale the scent of the sea and feel the inner calm. We offer you a warm welcome. What takes your fancy?

What takes your fancy?

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Tips for the autumn

With the leaves falling from the trees, mushrooms of every kind and colour pushing through the undergrowth and the intense autumnal tints coming into full view, Zeeland makes the perfect backdrop at this time of year. It’s the ideal moment to explore Zeeland’s outdoors! Blow away the cobwebs on one of the stunning beaches or discover The Big Five of Zeeland’s nature, many of which show themselves mainly in the fall. Immerse yourself in some of the province’s fascinating art and culture. At autumn-time too, there’s lots to do and see in Zeeland. Discover 10 autumn tips.

Stunning Zeeland

Everyone knows our beaches. Renesse. The surfers. Concert at Sea. But Zeeland offers so much more. For example:

Take a voyage of discovery in Zeeland. Explore the historic towns and cities, visit one of the many galleries, museums and culinary festivals. Push yourself to the limit on the water. Come face-to-face with Zeeland’s wildlife in one of our beautiful national parks. Zeeland: Stunningly beautiful.