Exploring Zeeland can be done in a myriad of ways. Rent a bike, or a scooter. Fancy a water taxi, or a convertible bus? All you need to know is where to hop on (or off), or where to go for rentals. We’re happy to tell you where to go.

Rent a bike

With its wide network of cycling routes, Zeeland is the ultimate province for cyclists. Bikes are for rent, so never mind if you haven’t brought yours with you. Throughout Zeeland there are endless rental options, from regular bikes and e-bikes to tandems. There is bound to be a rental company near where you’re staying, so it won’t long before you’re whizzing off for some exploring-by-bike.

Zeeuwse ferries

A land-by-the-sea, Zeeland is ever a land of watersides. To cross the water in between, the ferries of ‘Zeeuwse Pontjes’ are the answer. If you’re walking, or on a bike, these allow you to cross the water right there and then – instead of taking the long way home. The Zeeuwse Pontjes sail from May through September.

Public transport

Usually, public transport means buses and trains. Not so in Zeeland: water-travel is an option too, with the Westerschelde Ferry from Vlissingen to Breskens and v.v. Cyclists and pedestrians are welcome on these ferries. Upon arrival in Vlissingen, the solar train can take you to the town centre. In Veere, there is an E-tuk, an electric version of the tuk-tuk. Find out more about public transport options here.

Wheels, two-three-four

Fed up with bikes, fancy a change? There are plenty of other rental options. You might like to have a go-kart for a day or two, or a delivery bike. The kids will love it. Have you ever tried a scooter, or a Segway? In the village of Ouddorp, there is even a Segway Tour you’ll enjoy. On Tholen, you can zip around on a vintage Solex moped – woohoo!

Travel with a difference

If you are a group, or having a big celebration, you might be in the mood for some fun and different travel. In Zeeland, there are loads of options promising a grand day out. Take an authentic horse-and-wagon out, or board the horse-drawn tram. At Vlissingen Station, a water taxi is waiting to sail you to downtown. Find out more about special transport options here.


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