Frequently Asked Questions about the Coronavirus

On this special webpage, we try to inform you about current concerns in view travel safety and the coronavirus by means of 'frequently asked questions'. This page is meant to be regularly fed with information (so far known) and being updated. Last update: September 28th, 2021.

Guests of Zeeland

Which corona measures apply in Zeeland and affect me?

There is a high vaccination rate in the Netherlands and the number of people admitted to the intensive care unit with Corona is stable. That is why the government has decided no langer apply the 1.5m measure. Food and beverage outlets are open at maximum capacity and events are allowed. When visiting places where it gets busier, you will need a corona access card. In Zeeland, the national rules apply. Download it here. The basic rules remain: wash hands, do not shake hands, make sure there is enough fresh air and in case of complaints stay at home and get tested immediately. You don’t have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres from each other, but remains a safe distance.       

Can I still come to Zeeland for a holiday, a weekend-trip or a day-trip? What do I have to take into account if I want to come?

The national advice also applies to visitors to Zeeland. Check the latest measures in English here.

On the website, you will find more information about overnight stay in Zeeland.


Are catering outlets open in Zeeland?

Food and beverage outlets are open again between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m. There is no maximum number of visitors, but you do need a corona acces card with the exception of terraces outside and takeaways. Check out your local options or visit (dutch only, eating outlets). 


Are facilities such as attractions, museums, restaurants, cafes, theatres, sports venues and other tourist spots in Zeeland still open?

Yes, Zeeland is open again. So you can enjoy our art, culture, swimming pools, boat rentals, game locations, wellness centres, restaurants and everything Zeeland has to offer you. You need a corona access card for food and beverage outlets (with exception of terraces outside and takeaways), at events such as festivals, parties, professional sports competitions, in pop venues, theaters and cinemas.


Will events in Zeeland still take place as planned?

All events can take place again with a corona access card. There is no maximum number of visitors and no mandatory closing time for outdoor events. There is also no maximum number of visitors or closing time for indoor events with a fixed seat. The following applies to both types of events: the catering industry is closed after 12 p.m. with the exception of takeaway options. Indoor events without a fixed seat can allow a maximum of 75% of the regular visitor capacity and there is a mandatory closing time between 12 p.m. and 6 a.m. 


Are the beaches of Zeeland open?

Yes, all beaches are accessible.


What about face masks?

The requirement to wear a face mask has been canceled. You only have to wear a face mask now (from the age of 13) in public transport such as planes, trains, buses, the Westerschelde ferry, taxis and other passenger transport. The requirement to wear a face mask on platforms and stations no longer applies.  


May I host multiple households in one holiday home?

Yes, this is allowed in the Netherlands. 


Can I make use of public transport in Zeeland?

Yes, public transport in Zeeland is accessible. All Dutch COVID-19 rules apply in all public transport. It is mandatory for every person aged 13 and older to wear a face mask in public transport and airports. Read more information at Plan your trip well in advance.

Ferry: Westerschelde Ferry
Rail traffic: NS ("Nederlandse Spoorwegen")
International rail traffic: NS International
Bus traffic: Connexxion
Other forms of public transport (incl. bus traffic):

Many of these companies also offer very user-friendly and helpful apps!


Are VVV-Inspiration Points open again?

Following the winding up of VVV Zeeland on 1 January 2021, the official VVV Inspiration Points are closed. Alternative local tourist information points are being set up in a number of districts. 


I’m a tourist visiting Zeeland and I feel I might have corona symptoms. What should I do?

If your condition is mild, please get tested without delay. Call the national corona helpline (free) on 0800-1202 in EN, DE or NL. They will arrange a speedy appointment. If your mobile phone cannot reach this number, call the same team on +31 850 659 063.


I have questions about the coronavirus. Where can I find answers on these?

You can find more information about the virus on the website of the Dutch government. Also, a public service hotline can be called at +31 (0) 800 - 1351 (from 8 am to 8pm). From outside the Netherlands, this public service point is available at +31 (0) 20 205 1351.


I made a booking / reservation in Zeeland. Can I still change or cancel my booking or reservation?

For questions regarding your booking or reservation, you can directly step into contact with the accommodation you planned to stay at. Also, you can contact your travel insurance company to receive information about the conditions regarding a possible trip cancellation.