Multifaceted Middelburg

Middelburg has an illustrious past to which today’s townscape bears witness. With its diversity of events, shops, bars and restaurants, Middelburg is vibrant and vivacious. A place where the locals themselves are happy to spend their time shopping or relaxing at a pavement cafe. Discover Zeeland’s capital!

Middelburg, a city brimming with historic sites

Second only to Amsterdam, Middelburg once had the largest number of historic buildings. When the Dutch East India Company (VOC) was in its heyday, Middelburg was one of the most important cities in the Netherlands. There are still many buildings in Middleburg which remind us of this Golden Age, with over 1100 listed structures in the old town.

A stroll through the streets and alleyways of the old town certainly won’t leave you disappointed. If you walk from the Abbey in the centre of town, past its impressive tower (known as Lange Jan) and along Reigerstraatje towards the cobbled lane of Kuiperspoort, you will soon realise that Middelburg has its own unique character. Interested to find out more about what makes Middelburg so special?

What to do in Middelburg

Shopping in Middelburg

Middelburg’s shops have something for everyone, from fashion and accessories to the very best souvenirs. Take a stroll through the old town and savour its charm, from its intimate shopping streets to its eateries, where you can enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner. The area around the marketplace, in particular, has many bars and restaurants, with outdoor seating areas to add a dash of extra brio.

In addition to the weekly market, Middelburg regularly hosts other streetside events, including an art, crafts and antiques market, a second-hand book market, a fruit and vegetable market, a flea market and a night market. Check out our listings to stay up-to-date about events.

Zeeuws Museum

In Middelburg’s medieval Abbey complex is the Zeeuws Museum where you can immerse yourself in Zeeland’s rich past. The museum has an outstanding display of traditional costumes, as well as world-famous tapestries depicting 16th century naval battles. With a range of surprising, contemporary presentations you will get to see an unexpected side of Zeeland.

Town trails

Find inspiration from the many great things that Middelburg has to offer. Discover Middelburg by taking a trip on its canals, follow a guided tour of the town, or simply discover the city at your own leisure. Tip: Information panels with a QR-code can be found at Markt, Kuiperspoort and Abdijplein. The QR code will allow you to discover what that particular location looked like in centuries past. And in 3D!

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