Privacy Statement

Privacy statement

Your privacy, and its protection, are very important to the Province of Zeeland. That’s why we handle your personal data with the greatest care and safety considerations, in an appropriate and confidential manner. This privacy statement serves to inform you clearly about the informatie which the Province will use when you want to install the Zeeland ARX App or visit the platform. Further in the statement we explain the use of cookies and how you can adjust your cookie preferences.

Basic principles

Your personal data is processed with great care at all times, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also known as ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’ (AVG) and other relevant privacy legislation. It is used solely for the goal for which it was obtained.

The party responsible for processing your personal data

The Province of Zeeland (Provincie Zeeland)
Abdij 6, 4331 BK Middelburg
PO Box 6001

The data we process, and the reason and the time for which it is kept

The following describes which of your personal data the Province will process related to your visit(s) to the digital platform and/or use of the app, and for which goals and for how long we shall keep them. The legal grounds are always based on your explicit and unequivocal agreement. It is your decision for which of the purposes described below you can choose, or not, to provide us with your personal data.

On installing or using the app

The app is an integral part of a web-based environment and is intended to provide the user with interactive information (through 3D-animation) about the Zeeland region and to connect them with more information on the website The app does not collect any personal data, and does not feature any user authentication. There is no functionality for sharing information from the app.

For its use, the app requires a paper-based or printed card. The camera function of the user’s device must be on to activate the app.

Through the web platform

 In the competition and campaign known as ‘Jouw leven in Zeeland’ (Your life in Zeeland), the personal data and personal preferences of the participating user are collected on an entry form. Initially, this data will be used within the campaign to generate a customised video giving a suitable picture of how the user’s (future) life could be in Zeeland and to be entered in a sweepstake for winning a weekend gift of familiarisation and pampering.

The user’s personal data and preferences could be processed and stored in a user profile, aimed at maximising their customer journey on Zeeland Land in Zee (Zeeland, Land-on-Sea) ( ). This would enable us to offer the user, on their visit to the platform, an attractive and innovative package of customised information about the Zeeland region on the basis of their personal preferences and situation. Further, the user’s personal data and preferences would be used to create a personalised newsletter about living, working, study and recreation in Zeeland, matched as much as possible to their own situation. The Province of Zeeland would only use this data exclusively for these two purposes with the active agreement of the user.

Other campaigns

When other campaigns are launched on the platform, personal data may be collected through entry forms which will only be used for the aim of the specific activity. One example could be the annual ‘final exams’ campaign held by the Province for school students at the time of their final exams. This is intended to congratulate the students with the diploma and is part of a broader effort to encourage young talent to remain in and be an active curator for Zeeland. The Province only processes personal data for such campaigns when the person involved has given their active agreement.

The Province of Zeeland only stores your personal data for as long as is necessary for its processing or is required by the Public Records Act, known as the Archiefwet. You can withdraw your permission to use your data at any time by stating this to Similarly, you can stop your subscription to the newsletter through the link given in it.

The following table explains the type of data which is collected, and for what goal and storage period.

Category of personal data

Goal/ intended use

Processing agency

Storage period

Personal data and preferences of participants in a prize competition.

To process data collected from the entry form of the Province describing the characteristics of a person participating in the contest in order to compile a dynamic (customised) video, and for which they have given active permission.





30 days

Customised video for participants in the prize competition.

Compilation of a personalised dynamic video for people who entered by completing a form. The video is shared with them through a link to the relevant page on the platform.





60 days

Personal data and preferences of competition winners:

Given and family name

Email address


Date of birth

Preferred location and type of company in a weekend treat.


Works in the Province

Resides in the Province



Must be able to show who won the competition.

Province of Zeeland




1 year

Personal data and preferences for an optimised customer journey:

Given and family name

Email address


Date of birth

Preferred location and type of company in a weekend treat.


Works in the Province

Resides in the Province


Data is stored in a profile, in order to optimise a customer journey on (, when the user has given their active agreement.

Province of Zeeland




2 years. Under a ‘floating period’ rule, this can be extended by another period, after each visit

Personal data and preferences for the newsletter:

Given and family name

Email address


Date of birth

Preferred location and type of company in a weekend treat.


Works in the Province

Resides in the Province


To send a personalised newsletter about living, working, study and recreation in Zeeland, when the user has given their active permission.

Province of Zeeland




Until the cessation of publication of the newsletter, or cancellation of subscription by the subscriber through the link in it.

Annual campaign for Zeeuwse final exam school students.


Personal data for the 2020 campaign:

Photo and video

To congratulate the final year students with the closure of the secondary education. It aims to strengthen the bonds of talented young people with Zeeland, and motivate them as its curators.

Province of Zeeland




For a maximum period to the close of the online campaign. The closing date of the 2020 campaign is based upon 15-07-2020


Sharing (or not) of data with third parties

The Province of Zeeland does not share your personal data with any third party without your previous and prior permission, unless it is legally required to do so, or instructed by a court or judge. If you decide to participate in the contest of the campaign ‘Your life in Zeeland’, then the data you have actively agreed to provide will be used solely for that purpose. In that case, the personal data will be shared with Storyteq, a company engaged by the Province to produce customised videos. A set of agreements has been reached with them for a careful and safe processing of the data. There is a similar set of agreements with those third parties whom we have engaged to manage and support the app and the website. In the latter, terms have been established to ensure that the parties fully respect the relevant privacy legislation.

Protection of personal data

The Province of Zeeland has taken the relevant measures to prevent any misuse, loss, unauthorised access to and other undesirable deeds with the personal data. These steps are enshrined in our policy for information protection and comply with the protection norms of ISO27001.

Rights of involved parties with regard to personal data

As an involved party, you have a number of rights with regard to the processing of your personal data, under the AVG legislation for GDPR.

If you wish, you can submit an inspection request for your personal data, in writing, to the Province of Zeeland, under Article 15 of the AVG.

Should you find that data on you is incorrect, incomplete or not relevant, you can submit another request to change or modify it, under Article 16 of the AVG.

Further, in some circumstances, it is your right to request the Province to remove the data, under the legal provision for ‘obscurity’ (see GDPR) under Article 17 of the AVG, where it is known as ‘vergetelheid’. This can apply in cases of illegal or wrongful processing.

If you wish to receive your (digital) personal data processed by the Province, then you can make an appeal on your right to data portability, under Article 20 of the AGV. Your data will then be made available to you in a structure, accessible and machine-readable format which, if you so desire, you can pass on to another organisation.

In addition, you can also make a claim to limit the processing of your personal data, or place an objection to it, under Articles 18 and 21 of the AVG.

Such a request can be made by mail or by email to the contact details given below. The Province of Zeeland undertakes to give you a personal and quick response and to deal with your request in reasonable time. So that they can respond as well as possible, please be as clear as possible in your request for communication.

Contact details and methods

The official responsible for data protection, known as the Functionaris Gegevensbescherming monitors the Province in its dealings with privacy and its processing of personal data.

If you have any questions about the privacy statement, or if you feel that the Province is not operating or has not operated according to the statement, or if you wish to call on one of your rights to privacy, then please contact the official as the following addresses.

Province of Zeeland
For the attention of the Functionaris Gegevensbescherming
Inzageverzoek AVG (request to inspect)
PO Box 6001
4330 LA Middelburg

If, after contacting the official, you subsequently have a complaint about the way the Province is dealing with your request or complaint, you can lodge a complaint with the competent authority for personal data (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

The use of cookies

The Zeeland Land in Zee platform ( uses cookies. A cookie is a small simple file which accompanies pages from the website to a visitor and which your browser saves on hard disk of your computer. The information thus stored may be sent on a subsequent visit back to our servers.

The platform is designed to offer attractive and innovative information on the basis of the pages you visit about the region of Zeeland. Here are examples of the data which are collected about you on the basis of the cookies.

  • Your IP address
  • Your browser settings
  • The number of your visits to the website
  • The pages and topics which you visit on the site
  • The fields you complete, or the search terms you use.

The purpose of using cookies

A cookie enables us to display more focused information on our site and to omit information which is not relevant to the user. It is safe to use cookies. With the exception of functional cookies (also known as ‘strictly necessary’), which are needed for the site to operate properly, only those cookies are placed which have your explicit permission. You can always change this on the settings of your browser or your mobile device, or through the links given on this page under the heading ‘How cookies work’ below. We use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • Functional cookies (strictly necessary), to help the website to function properly.
  • Preferred cookies, used to adapt the website to personal preferences and interests.
  • Statistical (analytical) cookies, which we use to measure the usage statistics of the website.
  • Marketing cookies, which allow external services to enhance the website.
  • You’ll find more extensive explanations of how each category of cookie works, under the heading ‘Cookie preferences’, below on this page, immediately below the place where you can withdraw or modify your cookie permission.

How cookies work

When a user accepts cookies, we build up their profile, in an anonymised format. This data helps us to see what you appreciate and what you search for, on the basis of the pages you view, related tags and your search terms. With this, we can offer you more focused information. As the user, you are able to enhance this profile further by choosing to add personal information – but only when you have given explicit permission. When you enter personal data, such as when you opt to subscribe to a newsletter, you will be told beforehand what information you need to give us, and the reasons why. You can also check the website anonymously by not accepting any cookies , or by turning off cookies on the settings on your browser or mobile device. We do ask you to note that if you do not wish to have any cookies, then we cannot provide you with any personalised information, and the website will perhaps not work as well as it should.


The Province of Zeeland is free to modify this privacy statement at any time. Changes will apply from the time they are publicly announced on We encourage you, then, to check the statement regularly, so that you are up to date with any changes.

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