Veere is a delightful historic town full of interesting sights and shops. Outside the town you can discover its delightful surroundings on foot, by bike or on the water. Alongside the marina you can relax with a drink at one of the waterfront bars and watch the boats come in and out. In short, Veere is a town full of history and heritage.

What’s there to see in Veere?

Many of the houses, streets and buildings in Veere’s historic town centre date from the 15th and 16th centuries. The old town hall on the marketplace is definitely worth a visit. Inside there is a tourist information point. Quite handy if you’re looking for information on other attractions in Veere. The town hall and the Schotse Huizen (literally ‘Scottish Houses’, referring to a once-flourishing wool trade with Scotland) now accommodates the Veere museum, which provides you with a fascinating insight into the town’s illustrious past.

One prominent landmark which can be seen from the waters of the Veerse Meer is the Campveerse Tower. It is one of the oldest surviving hostelries in the Netherlands. Now that we’ve mentioned landmarks, one building that can’t missed, either literally or metaphorically, is Veere’s Grote Kerk. Our last tip in Veere is the Stenen beer: this is an old stronghold dating back to the time of Napoleon. Nowadays you can take a stroll around these amazing fortifications!

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Sights in Veere

What’s there to do in Veere?

In Veere you can shop, take a stroll around town, go cycling, set sail or simply enjoy a refreshing drink on the waterfront. There’s never a dull moment! Various watersports can be practised on the Veerse Meer. For the less energetic a cruise on its waters may suffice. On the Stadsondekkingstocht, or Veere ‘town trail’, you can discover all the better-known and lesser-known sights in Veere. If you’d rather take a spin on the bike, there are several circular cycle routes from which you can choose including the Veerse Meer and De Manteling and Historic Veere routes.

Shopping and events in Veere

We’ve already mentioned the shops in Veere. One of the most popular and - with its pink frontage - most conspicuous shops in Veere is Oma’s Snoepwinkel. In this candy store you can choose from over one hundred different old-fashioned Dutch sweets. But there are countless other shops and boutiques in Veere too which you can browse and shop. Veere also organises all kinds of events and street markets throughout the year; just check out the listings.