The very essential Veere
What makes Veere so special?

What makes Veere so special?

Veere is an idyllic old town located on the lagoon of Veerse Meer. History can be found on its streets, quite literally. Wandering about town you will encounter impressive buildings, such as the Grote Kerk and the Campveerse Toren. Not only that, a number of traditional markets are held in the town. We’ve come up with a list of everything that makes Veere so special!

The magnificent Grote Kerk

The Grote Kerk is one of the town’s most striking landmarks. The church was built in the 14th century and since then has served a multitude of functions, including a hospital and a workhouse for the poor. Nowadays the Grote Kerk is the cultural heartbeat of Veere hosting exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances and festivities. Why not pay a visit to the Experience and learn all about the building’s heritage?
Grote Kerk Veere

The houses of Scotland

In the 16th century Veere became an entrepôt for Scottish wares. One important export product was wool. The Schotse Huizen - Lammeken and In de Struijs - are a reminder of the town’s one-time trading links with Scotland. The names of the houses refer to the figures on the gables: a lamb and an ostrich. Behind the characteristic facade of the Schotse Huizen is the town museum, Museum Veere.
The houses of Scotland

Veere town hall

 The other part of Museum Veere is housed in the town hall on the marketplace. This was built between 1474 and 1517 and it was from here that Veere and the surrounding villages were administered. An olde-worlde atmosphere can still be savoured in the building. The historical objects and paintings on display reflect the town’s flourishing heydays. For example, the portraits of the Princes of Orange. Guided tours of the town hall will bring you to the so-called ‘drum loft’ where the tin drum for bell tower is kept. Concerts, exhibitions and other activities are regularly organised in the town hall.

Town hall Veere

Campveerse Toren

On the fringes of the old town is the Campveerse Toren, one of the oldest taverns in the country. This ancient tower dates back to the 15th century and formed part of the fortifications which surrounded the town and operated as the town hostelry. Nowadays, the tower is in use as a hotel-cum-restaurant.
Campveerse tower


Veere’s yachting marina is a delightful spot whose quayside is fronted by historic townhouses, several shops and a number of alluring bars. Here, you can watch the boats leave and enter the harbour from the comfort of the terrace bar. On busy days it is a kaleidoscope of colour on the water. Enjoy the view and get yourself into the holiday mood!
Harbour Veere

De Stenen Beer

De Stenen Beer is an old bastion which forms part of Veere’s former fortifications. It dates from the time of Napoleon. The bastion forms a link between the seawall and the ramparts. What’s fascinating is you can now walk through from one side to the other.
Stenen Beer Veere

Oma’s Snoepwinkel

Oma’s Snoepwinkel is an old-fashioned sweet shop which is well worth the visit! This tiny treasure trove offers more than 100 different sorts of old-fashioned Dutch sweets. For example, cinnamon sticks, almond drops and full-butter waffles. Look around and transport yourself back in time!
Oma's snoepwinkel sweet shop Veere


In Veere it’s fun to visit one of the markets. The traditional town market takes place every Tuesday from July to September. Browse its delightful market stores. In winter there is the Christmas Market. The myriad of stalls has lots on offer, such as dainty delicacies and Christmas decorations. Check the website for all the latest news about the markets.
Town market Veere


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