Holiday homes in Zeeland

To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English.

Now, about your home in Zeeland. A dash of luxury in a swish apartment, overlooking the Oosterschelde estuary or the Grevelingen lake? Or a blissful holiday house in the dunes? A floating lodge in the agreeable Goese Sas marina? You can even sleep in the water tower in Vlissingen – probably the best view in all Zeeland. For pure convenience, a bungalow in a holiday village will work just fine – you’re right on the coast. It’s all here in Zeeland, so get to know the place and the people at your own speed.


With a holiday home in Zeeland, you max out your freedom, do it all your way. No rush to breakfast, no other guests. Gezellig, just you and yours. In the day, do the beach. Hunting sea shells, flying a kite. Take the weather as it comes. Stretch your evenings out with a barbecue or a few drinks. Or sit around the mussel pan, and devour it. Since most holiday homes are in outlying areas, you should be quite a way from the madding crowds.

Home, sweet holiday home

Make yourself at home! Make your holiday home your base for trips out. In the summer, the beach beckons. The spring, autumn and winter have plenty to offer too. You think you should get out more? Whatever the season, go out on foot, on the bike, in the car.

Skim and swish your way along the beaches of the Zwin, looking for old shark’s teeth. Kit yourself out for some robust roaming in a ‘muddy wellies walk’ through the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe nature reserve. Or stray, less muddily, in another nature area, like following fallow deer in the Oranjezon. Or the Slot Haamstede area, named after the nearby village and 13th century castle. It is said you can spot roe and fallow deer there. Quiet now…

Possible is everything

The challenge is in the choosing: to visit some cultural sights, to go on a nature trail, to look around some peaceful villages or towns. That is the question. And the decision-makers are on holiday. Ha!

Something for everyone

All sorts of holiday homes are available in Zeeland. With just one bedroom, or enough for a whole group. And everything in between. Some are accessible for people of reduced mobility, and in certain cases home carers and care equipment can be organised. Everybody deserves a holiday in Zeeland.


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