To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English.

In Zeeland, there’s always a beach nearby – after all, we have more than 600 km of coastline. For years they have been top rated for being clean. And offering you shelter and space in the dunes and on the dikes for long carefree days in the sun and sea.

Wind energy

You can drive your surfing equipment right up to the water’s edge in some places – the Grevelingen lake and the Brouwersdam are great surfing places. And there are hotspots all over the province for you to go kite surfing and out on the blokart (a sail-driven go-kart). Electrifying. At the beach access points signs will tell you exactly where you can be wacky with the wind.


Sun, sea, beach, quiet and space. Long stretches of busy beach, or small quiet spots. Whatever you choose, it’ll be clean. Here are the most beautiful beaches.

Beach huts

Getting a bit too much sand in your phone, your food, your clothes? Irritating, huh? The answer is to have a place where you can keep your bits and pieces, instead of dragging it all around with you. Take at least a sun-lounger, or hire a beach hut. They’re ready and waiting for you all along the coast, and they often have beach equipment. Then, if the wind gets up, you can pop indoors for a while. Beachcomber, beach homer.

Beach huts with beds

Dreams do come true. In a beach hut with beds and overnight facilities. So you can sleep on the beach, with the sound of the water gently in the background, and the rustle of the wind in the dunes behind. Such huts can be rented all over Zeeland, on the beaches. You’ll wake – if you choose – to watch the sunrise. And now, just wait until sunset comes along. We’re sure you’ll fill the time usefully.


Yes, beaches are fun. But a serious word, please. Beaches should be trouble-free too. Click here for more details of the safety measures on the beaches of Zeeland.


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