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Beaches in Zeeland

You’re never far away from a beach in Zeeland. In total, the province has 650 kilometres of coastline, so water is always close at hand. For many years, Zeeland has been leading the way with its clean beaches. Sheltering in the lee of dunes and dikes, you can while many hours away in the sun and sea.

Something for everyone

Sun, sea, sand, serenity and space. Whatever you prefer: expansive beaches or a small place of your own, away from the madding crowd. Zeeland’s beaches are clean and diverse. Whatever kind of sun-seeker you are, there’s a beach to suit every taste. There are beaches with playground attractions, beaches with pavilions where you can rent a lounger, and special dog-friendly beaches.   

Is a day on the beach just too short for you? Don’t worry: throughout Zeeland you can rent overnight beach huts. Wake up to sunrise on the beach. Or watch the sun go down with a glass of wine and your feet in the sand!

Parade along the prom at sunset or

wake up on the beach

For water sports enthusiasts

In some places you can drive up to the shoreline with your surfing gear. At Grevelingen and Brouwersdam you can enjoy some fine surfing. There are signs at the extremities of beaches to tell you where you can and cannot (kite) surf. There are special hotspots throughout Zeeland where you can surfkite or sail blokarts. And how about sub-aqua diving? The underwater world of Zeeland can be just as colourful as on land.

Done with sunbathing?

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Beach app

For a great day out at the beach, keep yourself safe by downloading the special beach app (Strandveiligheidsapp). The app explains all the safety measures on the beach and during water sports events, such as on the beaches at Veere. It also comes with info about First-aid stations, beach flags, currents and tides, daily weather updates and beach pavilions.

Zeeland bucket list

Of course, the last thing you want when you come to the beach in Zeeland is bad weather. Fortunately, Zeeland has lots more to offer than its beautiful beaches. For example, a day shopping in Middelburg or one of the other towns in Zeeland. Hiking in one of Zeeland’s nature reserves or an overnight stay. That way you can tick off quite a few of those things on your Zeeland bucket list. 

In Zeeland you can find

countless other distractions