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Your boat is your base

What’s it to be, for your boat? A sloop, motor yacht, catamaran sailboat, dinky dinghy, a cabin yacht, canoe or kayak? For a day out, or for a languorous week? Our waters offer shelter for the novice, and more testing times for the saltiest old sea dog, with sublime blends of wind, water and nature. Put yourself in your own hands and hire a boat. Your base for freedom, fun, communing with nature and exploring the area.

Boat rentals in Zeeland 

Are you in for a spot of adventure, as a water sport fanatic? Or are you a tad tamer, sailing or cruising on your motor boat? Will you take to the open sea, or take in a lake? Sail out of the harbour and raise your sails, your eyes on the endless horizon or ever-unfolding views.


Sloop, ship to sure

Your hired sloop is for the sensuous sailor. Out on the water, a helm for the captain, a cool beam and a deck full of comfort. Out on the Veerse Meer lake, sail away, free from tides. Moor up on one of the islands – you’ll lose count of them! – and stretch those legs to go on a picnic. Or for a swim. Cruise around, sunbathe, eat, drink and just enjoy the feeling of some pretty little holidays on the water.


Licence to chill

It really is easy to hire a boat in Zeeland, though you will need a licence if it is longer than 15 metres and can go faster than 20 km/hour. Tell the rental station where you’re heading and work out your route on the handy interactive route map.


Kayak, check, canoe, check

First choose your boat. Then weigh up taking a kayak trip on calm inland waters, or step up to going sea-kayaking. Just you, your paddle and your life jacket and you’re out in the surf. Head into the waves – hard work, mind! – and then let them sweep you round and onto the beach. It was the ultimate struggle, your muscles will tell you, and it melts into a weary contentment. Yes, we kayak.


All hands on deck!

Come along for the ride, and you’ll see just how well your captain knows the local waters and spots to visit. Sit back, or hoist the sails and enjoy heading out on the Oosterschelde estuary. Feel the power of the wind carry you all like a bird on the wing. That’s sailing!


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