Plan B for Zeeland weather

Yes, there are times when the weather’s a bit iffy (‘slecht weer’) on the Zeeland coast. It is maritime, let’s face it. That can be nice, enervating, but not too damp. All the same, you’ll perhaps need to have some ideas up your sleeve. We have a few ourselves, and an expression: Ok mee slecht weer bin je ier onder de pannen. ‘Pannen’ means roof tiles. Get it? That’s Plan B.


Stormy is it, a bit frisky out there? Chilly? Better stay inside. Better stay inside. Go to Europe's largest, completely covered Reptile Zoo Iguana, and see over five hundred living reptiles, amphibians and insects. Or, Plan TF, go to the tropical rain forest at Omnium in Goes. All cosy inside, but out in the jungle.

Pools and playgrounds

Bad weather, and needing to burn off some energy? Pools and indoor playgrounds could work. We have several swimming paradises, and holiday parks with their own pools. Away from the water, the Klok’Uus playground is like playing in a massive farm barn (you are). When the weather picks up, just step outside to play in the open air.

Indoor activities

Looking for a foul weather alternative to a beach day, how about a spell of bowling, or laser gaming? Zeeland has several such facilities, large and small. Or, get modern, and try to find your way out of an escape room. More classical adrenaline will flow if you flee to an indoor go-karting track.


Another of Zeeland’s contrasts. A fine beach in foul weather can be spectacular. The fierce wind throws up the waves a-high, and you’re snug and dry (mainly) inside your waterproofs. A few splashes make it all the more real. And, Plan P, a nice warm recovery in a beach pavilion.


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