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Nature Excursions

Nature activities

There is always something new to discover and enjoy in Zeeland’s countryside. Each season has its own charm. And you can enjoy a diversity of landscapes, from forests to dunes, salt marshes, mud flats, but also polders and dykes. A nice walk through the forest can uncover nature’s treasures. Or perhaps a stroll along the shore, where the sea may reveal its many secrets. Zeeland’s scenery provides a taste of adventure, ruggedness and fascination.

Out and about with a guide

You can learn more about Zeeland’s countryside with a guide. They will tell you all about the fauna and flora you come across along the way. Try beachcombing or take a trip by boat, on foot or by bike and see all manner of wildlife. With a guide you can experience so much more.

Discover Zeeland’s outdoors!

together with a guide.

Cycling the great outdoors

There are few better ways of discovering Zeeland’s natural beauty than by bike. There are countless cycling routes that bring you to great locations along the way. With the sea breeze in your nostrils, a spin on the bike can be truly invigorating. Why not rest awhile at one of the cycling cafés?  If you’d prefer a more rigorous work-out, why not rent a mountain bike and head out to the Westenschouwen forest? There are options aplenty in Zeeland.

Hiking trails

Would you rather discover the countryside on foot? There are options aplenty!  Just pull on those hiking boots. Whether you decide to hike a shorter or longer trail, there’s always something awe-inspiring around the corner in Zeeland’s great outdoors. Check out our hiking in Zeeland page. 

Seeing nature from the water

With a coastline of 650 kilometres, Zeeland is not short of water. Here, there’s space enough to practice a multitude of watersports. From the calmer waters of the Veerse Meer and Grevelingen to the more challenging open waters of the North Sea. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and level. Discover Zeeland’s natural beauty on or under the water.  

Discover Zeeland’s outdoors!

from the water

Animals in the great outdoors

From horse-riding to hiking with alpacas. There’s plenty of opportunity to interact with animals in Zeeland. While you’re out there, try to spot Zeeland’s ‘Big Five’. Or go in search of rare bird species on Zeeland’s very own bird boulevard.

Active in the great outdoors

with Zeeland’s animals