Sailing in Zeeland

With so much water in Zeeland, it’s no surprise there’s plenty to do on or close to the water. There are so many ways to take to the water and explore the surroundings: on a sloop, a yacht or a launch. Read more about sailing and the sailing areas in Zeeland here.

Taking to the water in Zeeland

There are all kinds of ways you can take to the water in Zeeland. There’s nothing quite so relaxing. Zeeland’s waters are just perfect for a sailing trip. There are public trailer ramps aplenty along Zeeland’s waterfront from where to launch your boat. Moorings are available at numerous places, but in particular on the Veerse Meer and Grevelingenmeer.

And if you don’t have a boat or a sailing licence, you can still sail Zeeland’s waters. There are several boat hire companies where you can rent a yacht, sloop or motor boat. If you’d rather not steer the boat yourself, you can choose to sail with a professional. They know the waters like no other and can take you to the very best places. Of course, you can also choose to book an excursion, with a family group, to a wildlife reserve or on the Oosterschelde. There are so many options! Seeing Zeeland from the water is a unique experience.

Are you planning to take to the water in Zeeland any time soon? If so, read more about safe swimming and sailing in Zeeland here.

So many options

Sailing in Zeeland

Sailing areas in Zeeland

The Grevelingenmeer is the largest saltwater lagoon in Western Europe. What makes it so special is that it can be enjoyed in so many different ways. It’s a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. You can tie up on many of the smaller islands and because of the clearness of the water, there’s a good chance you’ll spot seals, flamingos and porpoises!

Sailing on the Veerse Meer

The Veerse Meer is at the very centre of Zeeland. The Veerse Meer is a delightful and very special wildlife haven and it holds no fewer than 17 islands. Five of these have been set aside as bird reserves, but the other twelve are accessible to visitors. It’s so relaxing to tie up there! Grab your swimming gear, rent a boat and enjoy the beauty that the Veerse Meer has to offer.

Sailing on the Oosterschelde

For sailing in the tidal waters of the Oosterschelde you need a little more experience. With attractions such as the Zeeland Bridge, the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, Neeltje Jans, Zierikzee and Yerseke, this is a popular area for sailing and where you can drop anchor for a while. Taking a peek beneath the waters is also highly recommended. Diving is popular here and those that venture beneath the surface will not return disappointed!


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