Families with kids

It helps to have a plan for a holiday with kids. Be sure there are bunk beds, a playground very near by, and paradise pool. Some days, nature’s bounty is more than enough: the beach, the bracing sea air and the plentiful sun. And then, some days, you want a bit more. This is for you.


Do play facilities feed the fantasy of children, or are they just a canvas for kids’ natural expressions? Discuss over coffee and a bolus pastry. Either way, indoors or out, a playground indulges them as they climb, clamber, run and hide-and-seek. Zeeland has all sorts. A climbing frame at the marina, indoor spaces in up-country Zeeland. There are play facilities at most beach pavilions, but there are also paradises where the imagination of a children can run free. The windmill Molen de Jonge Johannes for starters.

Routes of pearl

A pearl route (‘parelroute’) is a walking route laid out for the whole family, never any longer than 5 km. Nicely interactive, they feature short exercises, searches, and audio and video clips for the smartphone. The surroundings spring to life, and become part of the walk.

Swim, swim, swim

Swimming in Zeeland couldn’t be easier – all that water! Safe beaches have lifeguards on duty. The noticeboards at the beach access point will indicate if they are present. Away from the beach, you can always go to a swimming paradise and have a long memorable day in all the pools, waves and slides. In the summertime, open-air pools beckon you all.


Okay, load up the parasol, sun cream, a bucket and spade and the trusty beach towel. Need help with that? With so much coast in Zeeland, you just can’t stay away from the beach. And for kids, the best beach is a family beach. To help everyone find their way back to Family HQ, we have put out special poles (‘orientatiepalen’), each one topped with a big animal statue. The lifeguards and First Aid post are on hand – good if someone stands on a shell. And with ice cream and cones of chips at the pavilion, the ending’s always happy.


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