Beach huts

Sleeping in a beach hut in Zeeland

Around you, a sea of silence and space. An overnight stay in a beach hut in Zeeland is a special experience. Wake up ‘on sea’. With the waves dancing on the horizon. And in the evening, when the noises of the day have abated, take a final glass and drink in the wonderful sunset.

Sleeping for all seasons

Sleeping in a beach hut is not only fun in summertime. Or only in fair weather. It can be great when the weather is autumnal. Zeeland is known for its strong winds. Behold the waves pounding the beach! And in between the squalls, pop out for a breath of truly fresh air. You can warm up afterwards, in your own cosy ‘house’ or one of the fun beach pavilions. The warm chocolate milk and glühwein (mulled wine) will have never tasted better! They make happy memories. Together.

Huts by type

Beach huts come in all shapes and sizes. Compact in design, smart in fittings. Comfortable. From basic to luxury, there’s something for every taste. Most beach huts are built on poles, and have a veranda with an incredible view over the sea. You’ll find them on the beaches of Noord-Beveland, Walcheren and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. An overnight stay in a beach hut in Zeeland is indeed special – the ultimate way to achieve calm.

Booking a beach hut

There are many providers of beach huts in Zeeland. The Roompot facility has some excellent properties in Kamperland and near Vlissingen. And there are many other small-scale landlords with their own delightful huts. Here are three tips.

Beach huts for sleeping in Zeeland

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Sleep on the beach

A holiday at the seaside is great. The kids are tireless. Ruddy cheeks and wet hair in the wind. All elated and happy – there’s so much to do! Build sandcastles, search for sea shells by the sea shore. Dive into the refreshing sea and play in the waves. Not to mention fly a kite. Whose kite can go the highest?

Overnighting on the beach is a party for everyone. With or without the kids. In Zeeland, with your hut on the sea, it’s all fun. Take a hours-long walk along the beach, go for a soft landing at one of the beach pavilions. Wake later to the sounds of the waves, serenaded by the seagulls.

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Book your stay

You can book your stay with a vast palette of providers. Did you know there are local initiatives in Zeeland where you can book your stay? Here are our tips for you.
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