Beach huts in Zeeland

Let the sounds of the waves wash over you, as you lie amidst the peace and quiet around you. It is quite something to sleep in a beach hut in Zeeland. When you wake, the endless sea unfurls before your very eyes, the white horses dance on the horizon. When the sounds have ebbed away, and you raise that last glass of wine to the prodigal sunset.


For children, nothing beats a holiday at the seaside. Tireless they are. Cheeks all a’rosy, sea water in their hair. Elation and joy in their heart and soul. What’s next? A sandcastle to build, seashells to find. Splish, splash and taking a bath in the waves. Flying a kite. Of course. Let’s see, whose’ll fly highest?

It’s a party

Party time for all-comers, a holiday on the beach. The early morning sunrays. A cool drink at a terrace. Sit, stare and daydream over the water. Endless walks on the beach. The wind will blow away whatever you can remember about stress and routine. Need wheels a while? Roll along the smashing bikeways through the dunes. Oh, and bring one of those bolus pastries along for the ride.

For seasons

It’s not just something for the summer, or only for nice weather, this idea of a spell-binding stay in a beach hut. It’s also quite an experience in times of bad weather. Yes, we have our windy moments. The waves do crash onto the beach at times. Enjoy it! And in the nice bits between the showers, pop out for some fresh air. You can warm up afterwards, either back in your own snug hut, or in a beach pavilion. Gezellig. A drink of hot chocolate, or of mulled wine, has never tasted better. You’ll remember them for a long, long while.

All sorts

There are various types of beach hut. What they all have in common is being compact, and having a savvy design. They’re comfortable, in fair weather or foul. Most of them are raised on piles, and the veranda serves you with a fantastic sea view. You’ll find them in good measure on the beaches of Noord-Beveland, and on Walcheren and Zeeland-Flanders. A unique take on Zeeland. Maek dat is mee! You’ll be glad you did.


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