A day out shopping is a ‘must’ during your holiday on Zeeland. Even if it’s just to get something for the folks back home. We call them ‘tuusbluuvers’, the ones who stayed at home. You can buy souvenirs and local produce everywhere. For a day on the racks, hunting clothes, any major town will help you!


Strolling in and out of the shops, taking time out on a restful terrace – it has a certain charm. Towns like Goes are home to all the brands, and loads of independents and smaller outlets too. Sluis is known for its eclectic mix of shops – and is open on Sundays. The towns of Zeeland will keep you busy for a day, whether you’re refreshing up your wardrobe or just window shopping.


Our street markets offer you fresh produce, often cheaper, and with endless banter – gezellig! Many a community has had its weekly market for centuries, with people coming in from nearby hamlets and villages, maybe still in local dress today. Look in the Events Calendar for the listing of markets in Zeeland.

Local produce

You’ll find cheese, jam, mustard, fruit and other local produce all over the countryside. Farm shops, roadside stalls, even a shop with an inviting terrace to break your bike ride with a drink. There’s so much on offer, we’ve drawn up some routes of where you can taste or buy local produce. 


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