Overnight stays in Zeeland

Could you do a small test for us, please? First, wake up from a good night’s sleep on the coast. Now just pick us up, Zeeland, in your hands, the place, people, pleasures. Land and sea. And hold us up to your ear.

What do you hear? It’s just like when you hold a seashell to your ear, right? Waves a’rustling, sea breeze a’drawling, seagulls a’calling. If it’s misty, the fog horns blare firmly. Now, take a deep breath and savour the briny sea air. Close your eyes again, to better hear the waves crash in the surf. Whether you’re here for a weekend, a last minute break or longer, your batteries have re-charged already. Time to get up! Zeeland offers you all the time in the world – for the weekend, or a longer stay.

At the waterside

Spend the night in the dunes, at the beach, on a dike, in a marina. Or in a B&B, holiday home or seaside hotel. Nights don’t come any better than this. Special treat? Stay in a beach hut with facilities, unforgettable. Waking up on the beach. Fast forward to the mural of the setting sun, gliding into the sea. In between, a day when the kids stroll with you in the surf, with crabs and shrimps in mind, if not in your net.

On the water

Best bet, best bed? Hire a sailing boat, moving around at day, sleeping at anchor at night. Choose from a berth in a marina, or off an island with public moorings, such as in the Grevelingen or the Veerse lake. Expect no facilities there. Against that, at night, the only sound is the irregular pattern of waves lapping the sides. Or are they regular?

History in the sleeping, naturally

Fall asleep under a blanket of history in Veere, Middelburg, Zierikzee, Sluis or Tholen. Or in your castle for the night in Renesse and Domburg. You’ll find simpler options on a farm, or in an orchard. On a farm campsite, or in a classy B&B. Country life, Zeeland. You’ll hear the cows moo-ing, or a frog croaking, you’ll smell the sweet scent of freshly-mown grass, And, to tire you out, you’ll play for hours in the hay. Come in April and May, to approve the fruit trees at the sumptuous peak of their splendour. In Zuid-Beveland, the pastel blooms of apple, pear, cherry, plum trees are best viewed during a walk or a bike ride. That’s the best speed for admiring them.

Fitting accommodation

In Zeeland, you can always find the stay that fits you best. Maybe you’re with friends in a youth hostel, or you’re being pampered all weekend in a stylish wellness hotel. As a romantic twosome, or the whole family together. The children will find plenty of kids-friendly places to stay at, from camping on a farm to campsites and recreation parks with an entertainment team. If you have special needs for care or equipment during your stay, many places are ready to assist.