Accessible holidays

Holidays with care in Zeeland

Zeeland is a perfect holiday destination for people requiring care. There is a broad range of accommodations, to meet your special needs. If you have home care, or a chronic illness, a handicap or reduced mobility, if you use a wheelchair, we can assist. There are, course, facilities for your family and friend carers too.

What’s available

The offer ranges from standard family accommodation to specially equipped hotel rooms, care hotels and care guest houses. Care can be provided on campsites, in holiday homes and in hotels. If you live in a nursing or care home, welcome. You can just come here, too, kun je ok hewoon naer ier komme. Many places make a point of being properly accessible: wide doorways, no door thresholds, no door steps. Terraces are especially broad, there are strips for the visually impaired. We have thought of all your needs. And if you need a shower chair, a walking frame or a wheelchair, a local homecare organisation will get you one.

Dialysis, and enjoy

During your holiday in Zeeland, reliable dialysis is available, at three locations, spread over the islands: Goes, Kamperland and Terneuzen. It’s an example of how we want you to have an unforgettable and pleasant time here. Nature helps too: the sea wind is good for one and all. And the brine of the sea water, the tides and the sun. Relaxation and wellbeing. We won’t take your care away – you need it, after all – but we might help you forget your worries for a while.


Okay then. Now that your accommodations are looked after, let’s get you out and about. There’s lots of fun out there, waiting for you. Communing with nature, for instance. Would you like a walk or a ride through the woods? Some bird watching, keeping an eye open for the deer? A picnic at the waterside? A spell at a lookout post gazing at the infinity of the sea? In Zeeland, several nature reserves and walking trails cater for people with reduced mobility. If you want to go to an attraction, museum or cinema, or just go out for a meal, it can be arranged. Even the beach is within easy reach: you can borrow a special beach wheelchair at access points along the coast.


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