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Just come and see for yourself! From imposing castles to the Delta Works and many stunning landscapes: there are impressive sights and attractions to be found throughout Zeeland. Along its 650-kilometre coastline you will come across numerous lighthouses. Many of these places of interest in Zeeland have a connection with the sea. Discover Zeeland’s sights and attractions.

Historic buildings

From imposing castles to remarkable lighthouses and other historic buildings: there are countless ancient monuments to be discovered throughout Zeeland. Towns such as Middelburg, Zierikzee, Veere and Hulst abound with manifest reminders of the past.

Many historic buildings are still in use today. Perhaps as a home, an office and or a town hall. Visit castles from the Middle Ages, or their ruins. There are even new castles. Discover amazing lighthouses, many of which still operate along the coast. Get outside and delve into the past. On your own, or with a guide.

Delve into the past

Discover outstanding historic buildings

The Delta Works

When you visit Zeeland, you’ll be sure to pass one or more of them: the flood defences of the Delta Works. The Delta Works are a series of impressive structures which join the islands of Zeeland and Zuid-Holland to the mainland. They are the result of an age-old struggle against the sea.

Towns and villages

Narrow streets, picturesque houses and an old-fashioned charm. Large or small, its historic towns display many traces of the past. Every town and village in Zeeland has its own appeal. Here we’ve put together a selection of the best towns and villages to visit.


Zee-land: a land surrounded by so much sea should of course have a few bustling yachting marinas. Whereas along the shoreline of Grevelingenmeer there is a large harbour at the fishing village of Bruinisse, in Goes you can enjoy its marina in the more intimate surroundings of the old town. Each harbour has its own distinctive flavour. And more often than not, you can dine at one of the many harbour-side eateries whilst enjoying the view across the water.


Zeeland’s sights and attractions.

Parks and gardens

Why not enjoy a stroll and a look-about in one of Zeeland’s many noteworthy parks and gardens? There’s something to suit everyone’s taste: tea gardens, landscaped gardens, pick-your-own orchards and sculpture parks. Parks and gardens are places where kids can have fun too. Some even organise children’s events and activities.


From expansive forests to sweeping polders and the highest dunes in the land: Zeeland’s landscape is rich and diverse. A visit to Brouwersdam, Grevelingenmeer, the Oosterschelde National Park and the Verdronken Land van Saeftinghe should be on everyone’s list when visiting Zeeland ;)


Zeeland is simply bristling with art. The special skies, the sea and the tranquillity have captivated and inspired artists for centuries. This is reflected in outdoor works of art and murals, but of course, in the many art museums throughout Zeeland.

Top 10 attractions

Zeeland has so many places of interest, it’s difficult from which to choose! Nevertheless, we’ve put together a selection of 10 of the best here.

From parks and gardens to the most amazing art and the Oosterschelde flood defences.

Zeeland’s splendours

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the many sights and attractions in Zeeland