Campsites in Zeeland

Camping gemeente Veere

The great outdoors of Zeeland is intense. The air, the nature, the beaches. When you’re camping, things unfold sweetly. The kids quickly make new friends. Their faces glow, beaming. They know the immediate vicinity like the back of their hands, skipping back and forth, from tent and caravan to pool and playground. So much to do, and not a care in the world about the time. Routine? What routine?

Campsites in Zeeland

One thing that camping in Zeeland does not have is a common denominator. There are just so many options. From big pleasure parks with entertainment teams to small, almost sedate mini-campsites. From active beach holidays to chilling in the countryside. On a farm. Or near a town. From an uncomplicated pitch for your tent to the luxury of a mobile home or chalet.

Family campsites

On some family campsites in Zeeland, it’s wall-to-wall organised fun, all day long. You’ll find them mainly in Schouwen-Duiveland, Walcheren, Noord-Beveland and Zeeland-Flanders. The entertainment team will always have the next game lined up. Start the day with a morning group exercise session. Spend the day going from your creative tinkering-time, your workout and on to your mystery tour. Fill your evening with bingo, kids’ disco or a talent contest. Yay! You’re bound to make new friends like this. Another delight is in just watching the kids have fun. They’ve got indoor pools, outdoor pools, playgrounds and sandpits. And you can rent go-carts, or bikes. Have a spin on the bike through the dunes, or down to the beach.

A bit on the small side

We have smaller sites too. The kids can romp away here, on a small site on a farm, or in a mini-campsite. No entertainment teams, no bingo evenings – you’re on your own here. Amuse yourselves. Go, go, go on a go-cart. Follow the farmer around at work. Help collect the eggs. A sandpit, a slide and everyone’s happy. Wake up to the sound of mooing. Or as the farmer heads out to harvest. Oh, the joys of summer! For some real peace and quiet, settle down in Tholen or Zuid-Beveland, or a bit further inland. Mini-campsites and campsites on the farm, the country’s full of them.

Special sorts of overnight stays

Not just kids’ stuff, this camping in Zeeland. It’s also the done thing for groups of friends, senior citizens, singles. There’s something for all tastes. Safari tents, lodge huts on the farm, Mongolian yurts, real travellers’ (gypsy) caravans. There’s high-end stuff too: luxury camping. Glamping it’s called, with a bathroom on your pitch. Or a glamping tent. There is enough choice for a special overnight stay in Zeeland. If you got wheels, there are fourteen sites in Zeeland where you can park your camper van for free, and lots of campsites have paved parking places. At the Veerse Meer lake, the Camperpark Zeeland is exclusively for camper vans. All comforts, and quietly tucked away and great for the beach, walks, bike rides and endless water sports.


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