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Ten reasons to come to Zeeland

Zeeland, the land in the sea. With our 650 kilometres of coast, you’ll always be near it. And you’ll get closer to the tranquillity, the space, to find yourself. There’s already two reasons to come to Zeeland. There are more. 

The most sun and the cleanest beaches

The beaches of Zeeland are well known to be safe and clean. Flapping above many a beach access point is the Blue Flag, which certifies what you can see for yourself. The sun beams approvingly too, blessing us with more sun hours than any other Dutch province. Cumulus clouds usually do not stack up at the coast, giving the sun a free hand. Variety comes in the beaches: endlessly long and spacious, or small and intimate on unique bays.

Ever close, the sea

The name says it all. Land and sea, Land-on-Sea. In sea. The headlands jut into the North Sea, the estuaries extend far into our landscape. The sea, the , is part of us, as it will be for you when you’re here. Much of our lives, yours too, are spent on and at the water, ranging from water sports to sleeping on the beach.

Sleeping on the beach

Indelible, your nights sleeping on the beach will be. There are beach hut accommodations all over Zeeland. Front view, over the sea. The rear garden is an adorable sand dune. Your day starts with the beach at your feet, it unfolds into your beach chair and closes at sundown, and no need to head off home. You’re there. Bottle of wine? An exquisite sunset? Coming right up. It’s what beach huts do.

The sea feeds you

Mussels, oysters and our very own Oosterschelde lobster. You simply must try them while you’re here. Every fish restaurant has them fresh on the menu. There’s no shorter route from sea to plate. The Oosterschelde lobster is truly unique, like no other. Its distinctive DNA is defined by its isolated cultivation in the Oosterschelde estuary. The taste is especially mellow, Zeeland soft.

Oosterschelde National Park

The Nationaal Park Oosterschelde is surrounded not by fences, but simply by the waters of the Oosterschelde. An excursion boat will take you on sea safari, to look for seals and porpoises. The seals show off at low tide, worshipping the sun on the sandbanks. Porpoises have other ways, letting you perhaps catch a view of their dorsal fin as they swim past.


Zeeland, land of festivals. The annual Concert at Sea draws some 40,000 people to Brouwersdam. A smaller, more intimate gig is the Wonderstroom in Vlissingen with its palette of street artists, live music and food trucks. A little bit inland, the countryside forms part of the cast at the autumnal performances of the Zeeland Nazomerfestival. 

Biking: into, or out of, the wind

A bike trip offers a special take on Zeeland, from the sea side, outside the dikes. Various bike paths will take you there. Sensual it is: the fresh wind in your face and nostrils, the view and sound of the waves in your eyes and ears. Mudflats and marshlands come and go, as you pedal away. A bit more out of the wind? We have lee-side routes too. Check the weathervane on the sign posts along the way.

Large-scale innovation: the Delta Works

One of the most impressive flood barriers of the entire (national) Delta Works project is in Zeeland: the Oosterschelde barrier. Some call it the Eighth Wonder of the World. The towers and gates can be closed when water levels are dangerously high. The Delta Works were built after the flood disaster of 1953, to prevent for all time any recurrence.

Have fun shopping, quaintly

Our ancient towns such as Zierikzee and Middelburg just ooze the prosperity of Zeeland’s past. Majestic townhouses, wizened warehouses and monuments from a bygone era will watch over you as you engage in a more contemporary trade: shopping, with a superlative. The big chain stores, and smaller exclusive shops await you.

Water recreation and sport

The Zeeland Delta is the most diverse and most extensive water sport area in North-West Europe. You are spoilt for choice: you can go sailing or, more adventurous yet, paddle in a sea-going kayak along the North Sea coast. Or take a sloop out onto the Veerse lake and moor on one of the many islands there. Sure, with 650 kilometres of coast, you’ll always find a beach somewhere where is wind is just right to go kiting or surfing
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