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Swimming in Zeeland

Swimming in Zeeland

To swim is to be free. Splashing around in the sea. Playing with the waves. Dipping under the water. Diving in, moving on. Oh, could this last for ever? Could do! Water is a great way to relax, for your body, for your mind. And in Zeeland-on-Water, there’s water you can swim in just about everywhere. The sea, the inland lakes. And, not to be forgotten, the swimming pools. For all tastes. That’s Zeeland.


The sea is space, fun for young and old. You can always count on the surf being there, like an old friend. But with a mind of its own – sometimes it comes on a bit strong, hey, sometimes it’s surprisingly tender. Feel how it carries you, floating. Lets you inside, diving. Turn over to admire the view of the beach and dunes, it’s still there. Just you and the sea. What do you talk about, the two of you? Do you ever stop?


Sea water

Excellent. That’s how the sea water of Zeeland is rated. And with a coast some 650 km long, you’ll always find some grand places to swim. The North Sea, demanding respect, giving fun. The splendid bays, more gentle. Near a village near the sea dike. You can swim on the outer waters in most places. But not where (or when) it is forbidden, as marked on signs or flags. No swimming in canals, because of the shipping. And you’d better stay away from the bridges and sluices.


Inland waters

Zeeland is the name, but you can call us Zeeland-Plus when it comes to our splendid inland lakes. Safe for kids and the tiny ones to play and swim. The Veerse Meer has eight official beaches for swimming. Another cool place to sun and swim the day away is on the banks of the Grevelingen lake. Looks good, and is well equipped with beaches, lawns to lie on, showers, toilets. Enjoy.


Swimming pools

So many pools in Zeeland. If we lay them end-to-end, they’d expand our coastline by a few more kilometres. Most campsites and vacation parks have them, often indoors and outdoors. Not to mention the full range from the straightforward to the spectacular sub-tropical paradises loved by just about everyone. Like Zeeland, always a reason to go to the other side! Slides! Games! New friends! They all come easy in paradise. Among the twenty and more such pools are Omnium in Goes or the Roompot in Kamperland.
Most of the indoor pools will welcome you in the winter too. Swimming there when it’s raining and cold outside is a great way to warm up!


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