Horse riding in Zeeland

Horse riding in Zeeland

The sight, the sound, the sensations of a gallop along the Zeeland coast. Horse riding on the beach is always a bit exciting. Equine and edgy. Rinse the hooves in the sea, and let them career through the frothing wash, splash, backwash, splash. Not a sedate trot this, but a full-blooded gallop. Yes!!! Inland, there are special routes, often on bridleways, and stables nearby to rent a horse or pony.

Horsey holidays

You’ll be wanting to come to Zeeland with your own horse. A trailer ride away. Your horse can find accommodation with stables, and be out on the beach and long rides every day. Even if you’re just after learning how to ride, there are private lessons and group sessions to choose from. And if you have restricted mobility, it’s not an issue. The Manege Balans in Dreischor has all sorts of aids to get everyone saddled-up.

Riding on the beach

To every thing there is a time, there is a season, and so too with horse riding on beaches with a certain appeal. From early May to mid-September, no horses on any beach in Zeeland during the day. Horse riding is allowed in most places in the evening at that time of year. Check for details on the noticeboards at beach access points. Check the high tide levels too, for the best times and beach conditions.

Horse hubs

As we’ve done for our two-wheeled friends, we have set out a network of route hubs for quadrupeds and their riders and for horse-and-carts. The maps show the connecting trails and bridleways, and the numbered hubs, with arrows pointing the way ahead. You can plan your own route along surfaced and unsurfaced ways and paths. If you spot a broken sign or instruction, please let us know at the hotspot at


For the safety of all road and trail way users, please follow these guidelines when you go horse riding:

  • Always wear your cap helmet or riding cap;

  • Stay on the right, or ride in the verge when you’re not on a bridleway;

  • Don’t let your horse eat the plants, nor drink water from the fens and marshes. It could damage all three;

  • Do not ride on footpaths;

  • Pass fellow users of paths at walking pace;

  • Use the verge next to a bike path, and go at walking pace;

  • Do not go out at early dawn, twilight or at night, unless you are both well-lit and are wearing reflective clothing.