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Horse-riding in Zeeland

In Zeeland you can go horse-riding on the beach, through the woods or in the dunes. There are bridleways - paved and unsurfaced - throughout the province. In addition to this network of routes, there are riding stables aplenty in Zeeland. Why not discover the beauty of Zeeland’s scenery from the saddle?


From mud-flats and expansive polders to dunes and creeks. Why not take a ride and meander your way through Noord-Beveland’s countryside? The island is well-known for its inlagen: this is land which lies between the primary dyke and a secondary dyke. These lower-lying buffer zones attract many species of birds and unique flora. They are ideal places for a jaunt on horseback. There are various bridleways that go through these nature reserves: more info at Noord-Beveland.

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Horse-riding in Noord-Beveland


It’s as if the vast expanses of sand along Schouwen-Duiveland’s North Sea coast have been especially made for horse-riding. The beautiful beaches along Schouwen’s shoreline are open more or less all-year round for horse-riding. Limited opening times apply on parts of the beach from 1 May to 1 October. Apart from the beaches, excellent riding trails can be found on the island, for example in the Kop van Schouwen nature reserve and in the polders. Stichting Ruiter- & Menroutes Schouwen-Duiveland is an interest group which keeps horse-riding and horse-driving enthusiasts up-to-date about (access to) bridleways and carriage routes on the island via their Facebook and Instagram pages. Maps of bridle paths can be obtained from the organisation or from the following sales points: Paardenhotel Burgh and Manege Grol.

Organised treks with horses (available for rent) can be booked through Manege Grol, Camping Duinhoeve, Stichting Hippisch Zeeland and Beleefboerderij De Stelle. If you are looking for overnight accommodation for your own horse or pony, you can contact Paardenhotel Burgh and Manege Grol.


On Walcheren you can saunter through the dunes, De Manteling nature reserve, or past old country estates in Walcheren’s polders. The island of Walcheren has a rich history which you can discover on its many bridleways and carriage routes. The network of routes also includes 19 kilometres on its beaches. Explore the coast of Walcheren at full gallop!

West Zeeland-Flanders

Book or plan a trek and discover the polders, villages, beaches and nature reserves of Zeeland-Flanders on horseback. Ride the network of bridlepaths and carriage routes through the polders of Groede or make a circuit of Sluis or Waterdunen. Enjoy a horseback ride and see for yourself some of the great sights Zeeland-Flanders has to offer.


All waymarked routes are regularly checked. However, if you see something amiss, you can report this to routemeldpunt.nl.


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