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The Manteling van Walcheren is the most varied coastal area in Zeeland. The nature reserve is one of the few places where you can see in the landscape how dunes come about and change in a natural way. Thanks to the unique effect of wind and water, you can see high dunes, wet dune valleys and dry grass dunes. It offers everything a nature lover could wish for. Various hiking routes take you along the Manteling van Walcheren. Watch this video for an impression of this nature reserve.

The Manteling van Walcheren is located at the tip of Walcheren, between Domburg and the Veerse Gatdam. It consists of old country houses, woods, stretches of dune (directly bordering the ever audible North Sea), stately avenues and winding paths. From the 17th to the 19th century, Middelburg's elite lived here in the summer. In the 20th century many houses were permanently inhabited or an institution moved in. 

Natura 2000
De Manteling has been nominated as a Natura 2000 area because of its special flora and fauna. Hardly anywhere else in Europe do deciduous trees grow so close to the coast. Also special are the palace plants, such as snowdrop, daffodil, wood anemone, primrose and wild garlic. These plants once settled in the area from country estates.

There are also many rhodondendrons and special trees like the marsh cypresses at the "Goldfish bowl". In the dunes oak forests grow. De Manteling is known for its fallow deer, but the roe deer is also a resident of the forests and shrubs of the area. Many species of songbirds and woodpeckers breed in the Manteling.

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