Events in Zeeland

We have ‘events’ for just about everything. Fairs, fish feasts, sport contests, art, culture and more. Many events in Zeeland are linked to the sea, of course. Too many to fit into one visit? Time to plan your next one! You can come another time, ya know.

Fish feasts

In our land-on-sea, oyster- and mussel festivities are a national pastime. Fishing villages like Bruinisse and Breskens go 101% fish mad, once a year. Go out on a mussel cutter boat, go see how fish and shellfish are prepared, and go eat. The fête starts to buzz, on comes the music, food and drink and – hey presto! – the place has got all the ingredients of a party. The Village of The Mussel par excellence, Yerseke, welcomes some 10,000 visitors on its annual mussel day.

Sport events

Lots of our sport events are held at the water’s edge. The Zeeland Coastal Marathon is called the finest, and the toughest, in the country. The route of 42 kilometres takes in villages, dunes and the open beach. In Vlissingen, the beach motorbike cross event (strand cross’) is a spectacular sight for young and old, down on the Badstrand beach. And it’s heard all over.


We are well known for our pride in the traditions of our heritage. All around the province, there are holidays and fêtes when people come dressed in their local costumes. When you can see how the magical boterbabbelaar candy is made. When you can savour a fresh smoked eel, eating with your hands. On Walcheren in the summertime, watch the noble art of tilting at the ring. A bareback rider on a galloping horse has to pierce rings with a lance. Do not try this at home. 

Events calendar

What’s happening near you? Do you want something listed? Check out our events calendar online. It lists everything, from markets to festivals, so you can plan by the day.

Stay the night

If you’ve been out and about all day in Zeeland, it could be wise, and cool, to spend the night here too. You can choose where, and how, here. A hotel or guest house in town, maybe? Or a village B&B?