Yerseke is the mussel and oyster village of Zeeland. So if you’re coming here for our mussels and oysters, you just have to visit Yerseke! You can visit the oyster ponds used to breed them. And in and around the village there are ample sights to visit: think, for example, of the Oosterschelde museum, and of the splendid natural area known as Yerseke Moer.

The mussel and oyster village of Zeeland

Yerseke is the hub for mussel catches and processing.
The mussels are primarily caught in the Waddenzee, and in part in Zeeuwse waters such as the Oosterschelde estuary. In the end, all mussels land up at the auction in Yerseke. The agents of the Mussels Office check them on quality. Each mussel fisher puts their mussels on sale at the mussel auction in Yerseke. You can watch it by appointment only.

As well as mussel fishing, oysters are bred here too. This happens mainly in the Oosterschelde estuary and the Grevelingen lake. The oysters are flushed through in concrete oyster ponds, and then packed manually. You can take a guided visit to the ponds.

Come summertime when a visit to the ‘Mossel & Oesterboulevard’ is a special treat. When visiting the village on the Oosterschelde you can experience where the famous Zeeuwse mussels and oysters come from. Enjoy these delicious seafoods in one of the many local restaurants, take a boat trip out on the Oosterschelde estuary and take a guide tour around the historical oyster ponds. And/or a stroll around the delightful shops in the picturesque fishing village.


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Things to do in Yerseke

There’s more than enough to do in Yerseke. There you’ll find the Oosterschelde museum, in the former town hall. You can learn so much about oyster breeding, and mussel, lobster and cockle fishing. If you’re coming to Yerseke to partake of the mussels and oysters, you can take a trip (including a tasting) around the oyster ponds or order a pan of mussels in one of the mussel restaurants. Now, you can’t get any fresher than that!

On the outskirts of Yerseke lies the Yerseke Moer – named after the ancient Dutch word for salt harvesting. This natural (peat) area is home to many a bird. It is also one of the most valued natural and cultural landscapes of Zeeland. There are various walking and cycling trails to enjoy in the area. One walking trail is ‘Taste the Oosterschelde’, and the ‘briny’ 'Salty route along mussels and oysters' is for (seafoodie) cyclists. These trails pass through Yerseke fishing village, about which you’ll pick up a lot on your way.

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Eating mussels in Zeeland

Yerseke is undoubtedly well known for its oysters and mussels. Find out about the various ways of eating them.

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