Things to do

Things to do

There’s more than enough things to do in Zeeland. Have an active day on the water or just lazing on the beach. Cycle around the Zak van Zuid-Beveland or trace the history of Zeeland in a museum. Taste the buzz in the villages and towns. Or sniff out some quiet and visit one of the undiscovered spots. Go on your own, with your partner or with the entire family. Zeeland is bursting with adventure and attractions.

Dive into nature

With a coastline of 650 kilometres and different natural areas Zeeland provides a splendid backdrop for all kinds of activity. Look around for the pearls of Zeeuwse nature on your bike, or on foot. Catch some fresh air on the best beaches. Are you a bit of sport fanatic? Our nature has space for you. Ranging from bird spotting on the bird promenade to a boat trip out on the Oosterschelde estuary: we’ve listed the variety of great nature activities for you.

Ready to go out and about

in the Zeeuwse nature?

Spring tips!

The dark days are behind us now, nature is awakening once more. Zeeland is beautiful at springtime. Whether you go by foot or bike or out on the water to explore our province, you’ll delight to the scents of spring. What appeals to you most? Cycling through the stunning blossoms of Zuid-Beveland. Cuddling alpacas or thrilling to a day of mountain biking? You’ll find it here in Zeeland. Get inspired.

Get inspired!

Out and about in spring

Finding conviviality

Tasteful shopping streets with bijou boutiques or, on the contrary, large chain stores and bustling events in special spots. You’ll find it all in Zeeland: easy, convivial. Go walkabout in our special Zeeuwse villages and towns and see how surprised you’ll be by their typical features. Stop by at one of the restaurants for a snack and a drink to tank up on energy for another outing!

Immerse yourself

in fun vibes

With the family

There’s enough to do with the kids during your visit to Zeeland. A palette of delights: Deltapark Neeltje Jans and Groede Podium, Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele and Tropical Zoo: loads of day trips on offer. Ejoy a day out. Or stay overnight and have a fun weekend away in Zeeland with the whole family.

Enjoy the pearls of Zeeland

with the whole family

Emjoy your stay in Zeeland

Get inspired