Things to do

See me, feel me, touch me, says Zeeland. An active day out on the water, or a lazy day on the beach. A bike ride through the landscape of the Zak van Zuid-Beveland, or exploring the history of the province in a museum. From the dunes of Goeree to the Zwin beaches in Zeeland-Flanders, Zeeland is packed with adventure and attractions.

Water’s edge

Want to cycle along the water? Easy: there are routes everywhere along the outer side of the dike. But there’s a raft of options landside too: lovely landscapes at any time of year. And not just on two wheels, but great for walking too. In nature reserves like De Manteling van Walcheren or ‘t Zwin in Zeeland-Flanders, you’ll see how nature has evolved over the centuries, shaped by wind and water.

Bad weather, for a change?

In times of bad weather, or you just don’t fancy a spell on the beach, the indoor Zeeland is ready for you. A wellness package maybe? Or take the kids to a indoor playground? Our saunas usually have massage sessions: good for your legs after a long walk! Or just stretch out and relax floating in warm water.


A day out shopping is a 'must' during your holiday in Zeeland. Whether it concerns souvenirs, delicacies or clothing, you will find it in the 'Zeeuwse' cities.


How about a family day out in one of our towns, or a visit to one of our countless attractions? Admire the monumental buildings from the glorious days of the Dutch East India Company ( ‘VOC’). Amble around a weekly market. Or head off as your own intrepid discoverer. With so many attractions, you might, weather permitting, get a bit wet. Or wiser. Or both.

Water sports

Our land of opposites has an astounding 650 kilometres of coast. With the omnipresent sea, the opportunities for water sports like sailing, swimming and surfing are endless. You’ll always find a spot where the winds are fair and the water is waiting.


To each, their beach. In all modesty, Zeeland has a fantastic range of beaches for a day away. Long broad ones, with every amenity, great for everyone in the family. Quiet, deserted ones where you’ll hardly see anyone. Beaches to take the dog. Nudist beaches. We have them all. And if you want to be active and push the envelope, pop into a hotspot to go kitesurfing, or another where you can ride on horseback.