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Zeeland is for supping

The new and emerging water sport of ‘stand up paddle’ surfing (Dutch infinitive = ‘suppen’) was made up in New Zealand a long decade ago and soon found its way to the old country. You stand on a large surfboard and propel yourself with a long paddle. Under your own steam, so when you’re balanced and lithe, your body can take over and keep fit. Best to begin on calm waters, then graduate up to more demanding waves. Sites for sore arms and legs will grow on you, throughout the coast.

The supposition of supping

Lovers of water sports get a real kick out of the waters of Zeeland, and nothing thrills them more than where the supboard takes them. On the board, it’s quiet, with superb views, space and hush. Nature holds you in balance, the wind rustling your hair and your body poised like a scale in the elements.


Complete workout

The art of paddling on your supboard is itself far from laid-back. But you’ll soon snap into a complete workout when you’re out on your adventure. Soon there’ll be no stopping you – even for a tame beginner!


Suppose you went this way

The world is your oyster – as Zeeland will constantly remind you! With our mere 650 clicks of coast, just go with the flow on your supboard: paddle out into the sunset on the Veerse Meer, or meander around the Otheense Kreek in Terneuzen.

For a more strenuous outing, paddle along the North Sea herself at Domburg or Vrouwenpolder, or brave the waves on the Oosterschelde or Westerschelde estuaries. Or dash your way round to the dusky delights of the Grevelingenmeer lake at Brouwershaven.

Or work your route along Goeree-Overflakkee ‘by the light of the silvery moon’, as you paddle like a dancer across its reflections on the freshwater Volkerak lake or up the baylike Haringvliet.


Full board and supping

You’ll find loads of outlets for your supboard rental, as here. The laid-back guys are your teachers in 1-on-1 supping on the beach – the active ones will join you for instructions out on a trip.


Supping the yoga way

Open your mind with a yoga session to acquire a tool kit of exercises. It’ll be a release, you’ll see.


Me and you and a dog named board

A canine variant is an acquired taste. No better way to commune with your faithful friend than taking a workshop together in Stand Up Paddling in Ouddorp, and heading out together to the infinity of the North Sea – tumbles and splashes guaranteed!


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