Restaurants in Zeeland

What’s on your menu today? Mussels maybe? Some of those kibbeling fried fish chunks in batter? Another laid-back dish of the land? You’ll have seen that restaurants are another of those what-we-do things. From gastronomic Michelin-starred restaurants and ‘atmospheric’ family places to cosy bistros. Every type of cuisine is present and correct. Zeeland of course. And Indonesian, Italian, Chinese, Argentinian and many more. Tempting flavours and smells from all over.

Produce of Zeeland

Zeeland has a culinary reputation of high standing. In the seven Michelin-starred restaurants, the local chefs work primarily with local produce, and they inspire other cooks with their pure, level-headed fare and authentic tastes. You’ll see all kinds of places now put local produce in pride of place, for all pockets and palates. Many menus are very reasonably priced, or they offer a plat du jour, and a dish of the week, even more reasonably. With the ebb and flood of the tide, the land and the sea. They go together: our varied landscape, our varied cuisine.

Eating at the beach

A remarkable experience it is, to be sure, eating at the beach in Zeeland. Your feet in the sand, the wind in your salty hair. Relaxed, no whistles, no bells, just tasty dishes. A pan-fried plaice. Zeeland fish soup, tapas Zeeland-style. The view improves the taste. Children are welcome, just as elsewhere here. They can play out on the beach if they (and you) want, or in the play space. Pancakes and their baby poffertjes will bring a smile to most faces, an even wider one in a pancake-windmill.

Eating at the waterside

You can eat at the waterside on the beach, and in the harbour. Hear the waves slap on the sides of the fishing boats, the ropes clap on the masts. The seagulls are on full alert, watching out for some tasty bits. Our menu reflects the sea. A fish dish, baked cod, fresh winkles, it’s all there, all natural, fresh daily. It’s a belief you can count on, our culinary credo.

Meat, game and veg

Our cooks of course look beyond the sea too, and provide some splendid meat and vegetarian dishes. Our beef is subtly rich. Our lambs graze on the salt marshes, giving them a special flavour. At the right time of year, game comes on the menu, with hare, rabbit and pheasant from the polders. It’s a question of timing too, if it’s asparagus you want. You’ve got a scant eight weeks, from end-April to 24 June. In most places.


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