Michelin-starred restaurants in Zeeland

Michelin-starred restaurants in Zeeland

On the culinary cusp of sea and land, the chefs of Zeeland are endlessly inventing special creations. Blending gentle hints of the briny with the sturdiness of the locally-grown. Who writes their menu? The seasons and the tides. With their chef’s passion for the local, so good, so lekker and so fresh, why look any further? So widely admired are our chefs, that our Zeeland pride has taken on a new shine. Take a bow, guys.

Michelin stars

By head of population, Zeeland has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other province. That is, naturally, not for nothing. Das natuurlijk nie voe niks. The much-coveted star(s) is the highest appreciation of a restaurant’s quality. Alongside the seven starred properties, several others have been awarded the Michelin ‘Bib Gourmand’, a recognition for affordable dining.

De Kromme Watergang

When you arrive at De Kromme Watergang in Slijkplaat, on your left you’ll see the restored school which now houses the restaurant. On your right, De Zilte Hof, a kitchen garden key to the cuisine of Edwin Vinke. Some 260 jostling crops fill a palette of scents, colour and flavours. His cuisine combines the earthy and the briny, with his infinite and creative pluck.

Inter Scaldes

Located between the two arms of the river Scheldt in the polders of Zuid-Beveland is the three-star restaurant Inter Scaldes. The province of Zeeland and its waters are inextricably linked with the restaurant. Come and discover the culinary complexity of new flavours and textures, each element of which is an experience in itself, culminating in a harmonic and inspiring symphony.

’t Vlasbloemeken 

Just a few metres removed from the Flemish border in Koewacht, Eric van Bochove creates with pure produce at Restaurant ’t Vlasbloemeken. He is a poet too, describing his policy of sourcing the best of the sea, local livestock and farm fields in a lyrical string of “zee, vee en veld”. Zeeland has, he says, so much to offer that sourcing food from afar is unfit for purpose. His presence exudes onto his food, and the pleasant feel of the place. In the summer, your table awaits, very well laid, at the pond in the courtyard garden.
Culinair Sluis


As well as its ferry harbour, commercial harbour and fishing harbour, Breskens has a modern marina. It is onto this and the Westerschelde that you can feast your eyes from Restaurant Spetters. The owner Laurent Smallegange works with local produce like fish and shellfish from the North Sea. To this basic palette, Laurent add flavours from all the world. On the quayside, next door, is Eb&Food, a relaxed and more informal showcase of Spetters.


AIRrepublic is an accessible brasserie in the marina of Cadzand, with a view of the sea and the harbour. This restaurant revolves around simple preparations of Zeeland products, with a leading role for fish and crustaceans and shellfish. The focus is on the classic kitchen.


In Wolphaartsdijk you can find restaurant Meliefste. With a beautiful view on the marina and the Veerse Meer lake. You can enjoy the taste of Zeeland's nature. This restaurant received their first Michelin star in 2021. The products that are used are bought directly from the local fisherman and the farmer. In addition, the chefs regularly come to the table. This way you get an extra experience!
Restaurant Meliefste

Restaurant Codium

At the very centre of Goes is the Michelin-star restaurant Codium. The restaurant was awarded its very first star this year! But where does the name Codium come from? Codium is a type of seaweed, which symbolises the locally sourced fresh ingredients used by its chefs. Codium has a refreshing style of cuisine mixing Zeeland flavours with international influences.


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