The Sporting Life of Zeeland

To enjoy Zeeland to the full, please respect the latest COVID-19 safety rules. Check them here in English. So you’re the sporty type? Put it this way: another day, it’s going to be a long one. All day out in the stimulating sea air of Zeeland. Runing, horse riding, cycling, playing golf. Feel free to fly your kite on the beach: the use of kites as propulsion is restricted, but yes, when you’re allowed, surf-kiting is cool. Or let your horse dabble its hooves in the sea and the two of you gallop away. Underwater, another world awaits you, like in the shipwreck at Scharendijke. Or stay on the water, and head out with a sailing yacht, motor boat or sloop.

Mountain biking and cycling

Special routes have been prepared for cyclists and mountain bikers. Many bike routes link up nicely with the bike ferry crossings, so you’ll get to visit more islands. Mountain bike routes follow, in part, unsurfaced paths so it can get muddy. Racing cyclists can pump those pedals across the Delta Works on the Zeeuwse Wind Route – the name says it all.


Just about the entire province is crisscrossed by a walking route network. It’s designed for you to work out your own route and distance. You choose: walk alongside endless pastures, through nature reserves, towns, villages and wetlands.

Horse riding

Riding on horseback is a fine way to see the islands and beaches of Zeeland. Just dip those hooves in the water, and gallop through the surf. There are several bridle way and driving routes to enjoy – and a nearby stables will happily let you hire a horse or a pony.

Water sports

Made for water sports, that’s Zeeland. From sailing to water skiing, from water jumping to wake boarding. All along the coast, surfing schools will teach you how to go wave surfing or kite surfing. Spend the day going round the Veerse Meer, head out on the North Sea – there’s always another side to go to in Zeeland.

Under water

There’s an amazing underwater world in Zeeland, especially in the Oosterschelde National Park and the Grevelingen. Brittle star, cuttlefish, mussels, shrimps, oysters, anemones, crabs and lobsters. They in turn attract seals and porpoises.

Sporty kids

Kids have to pedal more than the grown-ups, given their smaller wheels. So we have prepared special children’s bike routes. They lead to attractions and sights of interest to kids. And they’re designed in small chunks, so you can make them as short or as long as you want. You know, often just the beach and the sea are one big tempting attraction.


Our expansive landscape is a perfect place to roll out a nice smooth golf course. The province is full of driving ranges and golf courses. The majestic course in Domburg is the only ‘links’ course in the Netherlands. It’s bang in the middle of the dunes, with parts fully exposed to the sea.

Hang-gliding and paragliding

The dunes at Zoutelande are the highest in the country, just perfect for hang-gliding and paragliding. At beach access point number 10, named Vossehol, there is an official area for flying these devices. Permitted times:
1 September to 14 June; daylight hours.
15 June to 31 August, from 18:00 until sunset.

You must have at least a license to be a single pilot (‘KNVvL brevet 2’) or, for foreign residents, an internationally accepted equivalent, compliant with International Pilot Proficiency Information (IPPI).