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Akaw! When the surf’s up and the word on the beach was of two peelings at noon, and you’re in The Zone, is that the kick you mean? You can get stoked like that in Zeeland. Seriously serial waves, and great surf spots nineteen to the dozen with cool beaches. The sea’s asking if you want to come out to play today. You bet. Just loading up the adrenaline. Like generations before, you’re enjoying your stay here. And you’re not so obsessed that you can’t appreciate the sheer beauty of the coast, and the dunes and green nature upcountry. There’ll always be a place where the wind is right.

Wind surfing
Wind surfing, a colourful water sport, is what draws many visitors to Het Veerse Meer and Grevelingen. For anyone in good health, of any age, who loves the water, and doesn’t mind wiping out. There are several wind surfing centres which offer lessons. Including how to read the wind. Sure, it takes time to get the knowledge, but then it can be addictive. Especially once you’ve felt the weightlessness of gliding through the water. Need to hire or buy some gear? The centres will help you.

Wave surfing
The North Sea makes some great waves. See if you’ll commune with them today. Tame them, or be tamed. Depends on the swell, the wind and the tides. And on your timing, dude. Come wave surfing in Domburg, one of the top hotspots of the country. Maybe it’s the light, but the water does look a bit clearer here. Those wooden groynes help to make great sandbanks. And it’s not too hectic. Hey, there’s never too many surfers here. So it’s a real vacation, free at least. The ideal surfing trip.
Kite surfing
There are some astounding beaches in Zeeland where you can go kite surfing. It’s allowed at Brouwersdam, Neeltje Jans, Kamperland, Vrouwenpolder, Domburg and Cadzand. Awesome! The wind – just get this – the wind yanks you up over the water and you go ape ‘n agile with the tricks up your sleeve. For research purposes, sure. To surprise yourself. And, we know, to impress the people back down on the beach. Just a bit. When you come back down, check out the facilities and the gear in the shops to hire or buy. Or if you’re preparing yourself for the Great Unknown, kite surfing lessons are available.

The Brouwersdam is the most popular water sport honey pot of Zeeland. Wind most of the time. Waves, man, waves and that good feeling when pilgrims have come together. Sure, wind surfing, but kite surfing, wave surfing and blokarting too. The dam is a cool launch spot for your surfing career: it’s sheltered and the currents are mild. Further out offshore, currents are wilder, heading towards the lighthouse at Ouddorp. The beaches at Renesse have relatively frequent waves, and high ones, just how surfers like ‘em. You can also go wind surfing and wave surfing on the beach at Vlissingen.
Gear rental
No surprise then that you’ll find surfing shops and schools all over. One-day lessons, or multi-day ones, on the inland waters or at sea. Curriculum? Water, waves, gear, you. The wind- and wave variants are comparatively low-threshold. Kite surfing requires tenacity. That comes from you – it’s not for sale, or to rent, at the water sport shops which can help you with equipment, when you’ve decided.


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