Health & wellness in Zeeland

Artists and members of the nobility were coming to Zeeland long before 1834 on account of its health-giving sea airs. The magical light, the salty skies, the many hours of sunshine and the seawater made the Zeeland coast a great benefactor for body and spirit. Why not treat yourself to a health-restoring stay in Zeeland?

Spa hotels in Zeeland

Zeeland is home to many spa hotels where you can enjoy a wonderfully relaxed break. One of the most well-known of these is Badhotel Domburg. But there are others too which offer luxury accommodation, spa treatment and excellent cuisine.

For example, Duinhotel Tien Torens. A beautifully designed hotel built into the Zeeland dunescape. Or Hotel Waterrijk Oesterdam. Enjoy its stylish hotel rooms, sublime food and magnificent spa facilities.

Sauna in Zeeland

Enjoy a visit to one of Zeeland’s many saunas. What do you prefer: a traditional Finnish sauna, a Himalayan salt cabin? Or perhaps an infra-red sauna is the thing for you? The possibilities in Zeeland’s sauna centres are endless. From beautifully illuminated indoor and outdoor pools to relax areas in nature. This is where your body achieves complete restfulness.

Spa resorts in Zeeland

Are you looking for somewhere to achieve complete restfulness, to detox your body and to recharge your mind? If so, where better to do so than in Zeeland. Here you can find complete rest and relaxation. And silence. Whether your break is for a week or just a weekend, a spa resort is dedicated to restoring your body and mind. This includes silent walks, guided meditation, detox, yoga and breathing exercises. Interested to find out more? Check out the websites of the Schouw or Zo Puur spa resorts.


Would you like your body to experience greater relaxation and new energy? During the summer, beach yoga lessons are given at various locations. Delightful at sunset. What a great way to end the day! Yogalena and Yogamundo are just two organisations that give yoga sessions on the beach (and in the studio).

Would you like to treat yourself to several days’ worth of yoga sessions, meditation and healthy food? If so, then maybe a yoga retreat in Zeeland is just the thing for you.

Yoga school in Zeeland

Other tips

Beauty salons

Zeeland offers plenty of possibilities for you to relax and recharge. In addition to a pleasant stay, a visit to the sauna and breathing in the fresh Zeeland air, there are many other ways of pampering yourself. For example, a lovely relaxing massage. Or extensive facial treatment in a reputable beauty salon. Treat yourself to a restorative stay in Zeeland.

What else takes your fancy?

Would you like to stay in a luxury hotel and enjoy the plush surroundings of your hotel room, plus the spa facilities and a good book? If so, we don’t blame you! All you need to do is sit back and relax. Nevertheless, if you do feel the urge to step outside, there’s plenty to choose from in Zeeland. Take a long walk in the country. Visit exciting towns like Goes and Middelburg. Enjoy the intrigue of a museum. Spoil your senses in one of the 7 starred restaurants in Zeeland. Whatever you do, it’s satisfaction guaranteed!

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