Welness and Relaxation

The province of Zeeland has all the ingredients for a happy and healthy stay. Peace and quiet, clean air, space, fertile land. A seaside stay is healthy. This has been proven by research. Especially the fresh sea air, sea water and coastal sunshine have a positive effect on your health.

Relaxing or active

Are you looking for relaxation or activity? Or a combination of both? The air, the land and the water make Zeeland a great destination for outdoor activities. Enjoy relaxing trips along the endless coast, in the hinterland or in the countryside full of contrast.

Healthy food

Zeeland is a paradise for everyone with a taste for good food and drink. You will find fresh, tasty products everywhere. Sustainable and healthy. And often with that typical subtle salty taste. If you go out for dinner, you’ll discover numerous Zeeland delicacies. Every chef has his own recipes, often with local ingredients. Fresh from land or sea.

If you regularly stay in Zeeland, you will reap the benefits. On this page you will find all the information you need for a healthy and pleasant stay.


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